<Legacy> Minesweeper ⚠ ☠ [for GameBox v2] 3.1.0

Minesweeper for Minecraft! Fully customisable!

  1. Minecraft 1.13

    Compatibility with minecraft 1.13

    You might have to get a new configuration file to get rid of warnings in the console! The materials defined in the old config files are not 1.13 compatible.
  2. Update for GameBox v2

    This version is compatible with GameBox v2. It does NOT work with GameBox v1.

    • There are some improvements in the default configuration file
    • With GameBox v2 this plugin will generate it's folder inside the "gamebox/games/" folder. The old minesweeper folder in your plugin folder is no longer needed!
  3. Compatibility for 1.8 problems with too long inventory titles

    The game will no longer throw errors on old servers (1.8) which have problems with too long inventory titles.
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  4. Support for GameBox reload command

    Minesweeper now supports the GameBox reload command

    /gba reload

    Dependency for GameBox is now version 1.5.0
  5. Reduced jar size + Mandarin and spanish language file + Better defaults

    Depends on GameBox 1.3.0 and higher
    • All defaults on small grid now
    • Fixed possible problem with lang files on first install (language directory)
    • Pushed up GameBox dependency to 1.3.0
      • Jar size reduced by 22%
      • Using more methods and classes from GameBox
      • Moved...
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  6. 'The language and nms' Update

    • Restructured my NMS code. This game is now using the classes from GameBox (should have done that from the beginning). That saves me all the checks, the plugin gets smaller and I don't have to update it when there are new NMS versions coming.
    • Improved the language file support. In previous versions the class did not recognise when there where String lists missing.
  7. Enabled bigger grids (81 slots) + Fix for tokens

    • You can now add the node 'big' to a gamemode and set it to true. This will then look like this:
    Screenshot 2017-04-15 11.34.58.png
      • This does not always look pretty (since minecraft does not really have 81-slot inventories) but if you want to have a bigger grid it's worth it ;)
      • I ll be working on using the lower inventory, too
    • Fixed an issue that led to no tokens beeing payed. This was due to wrong nodes in the default file ('token'...
  8. Added Token rewards

    • You can now reward players with Tokens which will be usable later in a token shop for item rewards and permissions.
    • The Game will check for the nessesary GameBox version and will diable if your version is not sufficient!
    • I improved the default game modes and added some default token rewards. But as always: You can change all that in the configuration file ;)

    Have fun!
  9. Full conversion! More customization with help of GameBox

    This plugin now depends on GameBox!

    • GameBox enables you to have different modes of Minesweeper accessable for your players. Different number of mines, different costs and rewards. The best part: You can add my other inventory games to the same gui! For more info please check this plugins and GameBoxs site.
    • Start a new game after the old one finished with just two clicks!
    • Per default an easy,...
  10. The different game modes!

    You can now define three different numbers of bombs to play three different game modes:


    normal is the default mode for the commands /ms and /mstop but for both commands it is possible to define a specific mode like this:
    /ms [easy:e:normal:n:hard:h]
    /mstop [easy:e:normal:n:hard:h]

    There are new...
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