Legend Kit PvP [SKRIPT] 1.0

A Fully Customizable Kit PvP Skript

  1. ManiacSkripter
    Hello Spigot Comminity,
    I just made a Kit PvP Skript
    It's my first Skript so i expect bad Reviews.... so if you are willing to rate this badly please add the reason.

    - Skript: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/skript/ (Put it in your plugins folder, reload your server, place the SKRIPT you downloaded in /plugins/skript/scripts)
    - World Edit: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/worldedit/
    - World Guard: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/worldguard/

    This Skript Offers:
    - 5 Customizable Kits
    - Enable / Disable Soup healing
    - Enable / Disable Item Reward on kill
    - Enable / Disable Money reward on kill (Requires Vault and EssentialsEconomy)

    - /lkp help - See the help - No Permission
    - /lkp lobby - Teleport to the arena lobby - No Permission
    - /lkp list - List all the kits - no permission
    - /lkp admin arena - Sets the arena boundries (requires world edit selection) - lkp.admin
    - /lkp admin lobby - Sets the lobby boundries (requires world edit selection) - lkp.admin
    - /lkp admin lobbyspawn - Sets the lobby spawn area - lkp.admin
    - /lkp admin reload - Reloads the config - lkp.admin

    How to add items to kits: (if you don't know how SKRIPT works!
    Code (Text):
    How to add an item to a Kit:
    (This is a part of the skript)
    1 <itemname> of <enchantment> named "NAME" with lore "LORE"
    I have some examples

    #Kit 1 Edit
        Kit1Name: Kit1
        Kit1_Slot1: 1 iron sword of sharpness 1
        Kit1_Slot2: 1 golden apple named "&aTest Apple"
        Kit1_Slot3: air
        Kit1_Slot4: air
        Kit1_Slot5: air
        Kit1_Slot6: air
        Kit1_Slot7: air
        Kit1_Slot8: air
        Kit1_Slot9: air
    How to edit Kill Reward:
    Code (Text):
    #Basic Config
        PluginPrefix: &6&l[&c&lLegendKitPvP&6&l]
        EnableSoups: true
        SoupHeal: 2 #Hearts
        DeathRewardEnabled: false
        DeathReward: 1 golden apple
        DeathRewardMoneyEnabled: true
        DeathRewardMoney: 100 #Money

    If you have enabled Money or item Reward you can add items as adding them to the kit above
    If you have any questions or future stuff you want to be added go to discussion page!