Legendchat 1.1.2

A BungeeCord Chat / Cost Chat / Channel Chat / Custom Chat plugins!

  1. Mayomi9
    PauloABR (Author) Me(Documenter, DevBukkit ID:Liouftgoo)
    A new channel-based chat plugin with high compatibility with other plugin's tags and an awesome API for developers! Do you use Herochat but has found some really boring imperfections? Why don't you try to use Legendchat?
    For server owners: you will have the same design as herochat and your players won't notice the difference! And you can create a channel only for BungeeCord communication! Check our BungeeCord page!
    For developers: want to add a new prefix, suffix or remove some people from receiving a message without removing others? Nice! We have an easy to use API! Check our API page!

    [!] > COMPATIBLE WITH 1.5.2 ~ 1.8! < [!]
    Main features

    • Configurable chat channels (delay to send messages, cost ($) to send messages etc).
    • Temporary channels (with permissions)
    • Permissions to almost everything.
    • Quick message (ex.: /g <message>).
    • Private messages (/tell).
    • Compatible with almost every chat tag.
    • Update checker (can be disabled, see Plugin configuration)

    List all available commands in the plugin.
    Command - Description
    /legendchat - Display LegendChat Help
    /channel <channel> - Focus in other channel
    /tempchannel - Temporary channel command
    /tell <player>[message] - Send a private message or start a chat
    /reply <player> <message> - Reply a private message
    /afk - AFK mode (block private messages)
    /ignore <player> - Ignore player messages and private messages
    /mute <channel> - Ignore channel messages (NEW - V1.1.2)

    /legendchat = /lc
    /channel = /ch
    /tempchannel = /tc
    /tell = /t = /pm = /msg
    /reply = /r

    List all available permissions in the plugin.
    Permission - Description
    legendchat.channel.<channel>.chat - Permission to read and write in the channel
    legendchat.channel.<channel>.focus - Permission to focus () in the channel
    legendchat.channel.<channel>.free - Permission to bypass message cost in the channel
    legendchat.channel.<channel>.nodelay - Permission to send messages without delay in the channel
    legendchat.channel.<channel>.blockwrite - Permission to block writing in the channel
    legendchat.channel.<channel>.blockmute - Permission to block muting the channel (NEW - V1.1.2)
    legendchat.tempchannel.manager - Permission to create and delete temporary channels
    legendchat.tempchannel.color - Permissions to change your temporary channel color
    legendchat.tempchannel.user - Permission to join and leave temporary channels
    legendchat.color.<color> - Permission to use certain colors or formats in channels
    legendchat.color.allcolors - Permission to all colors in channels
    legendchat.color.allformats - Permission to use all formats in channels
    legendchat.block.tell - Permission to block player from sending private messages
    legendchat.block.locktell - Permission to block player chat with /tell <player>
    legendchat.block.reply - Permission to block reply private messages
    legendchat.block.afk - Permission to block using /afk
    legendchat.block.afkmotive - Permission to block player from setting an afk message
    legendchat.block.ignore - Permission to block player from being ignored
    legendchat.admin - Admin permission, unlock everything
    legendchat.admin.tempchannel - Permission to use: /lc deltc
    legendchat.admin.playerch - Permission to use: /lc playerch
    legendchat.admin.channel - Permission to use: /lc channel
    legendchat.admin.spy - Permission to use: /lc spy
    legendchat.admin.hide - Permission to use: /lc hide
    legendchat.admin.mute - Permission to use: /lc mute
    legendchat.admin.unmute - Permission to use: /lc unmute
    legendchat.admin.muteall - Permission to use: /lc muteall
    legendchat.admin.unmuteall - Permission to use: /lc unmuteall
    legendchat.admin.reload - Permission to use: /lc reload

    <channel> = channel name in lowercase
    <color> = color name (like blue) or format name (like bold) in lowercase

    Code (Text):
    language: en
    default_channel: local
      use: false
      channel: bungeecord
    check_for_updates: true
    log_to_bukkit: false
      use: false
      time: 10
    block_repeated_tags: true
    show_no_one_hears_you: true
    block_shortcuts_when_cancelled: true
    force_remove_double_spaces_from_bukkit: true
    send_fake_message_to_chat: true
    maintain_spy_mode: false
    use_async_chat_event: true
    text_to_tag: []
      default: '{color}[{nick}] {groupprefix}{prefix}{bprefix2}{bprefix}&f{sender}{bsuffix}{suffix}{groupsuffix}{color}: {msg}'
      bungeecord: '{color}[{nick}] -{server}- {groupprefix}{prefix}{bprefix2}{bprefix}&f{sender}{bsuffix}{suffix}{groupsuffix}{color}: {msg}'
      spy: '&8[SPY] &7{msg}'
      send: '&7To &2{receiver}&7: {msg}'
      receive: '&7From &2{sender}&7: {msg}'
      spy: '&8[SPY] &f{ignored} &7[{sender} -> {receiver}] {msg}'
      use: true
      - censor_with_stars
      - censor_with_replace;replace_here

    Channel configuration
    Code (Text):
    name: local
    nickname: l
    format: '{default}'
    color: yellow
    shortcutAllowed: true
    needFocus: false
    distance: 60.0
    crossworlds: false
    delayPerMessage: 1
    costPerMessage: 0.0
    showCostMessage: true

    Code (Text):
    enabled: true
    format: '{default}'
    color: GREEN
    shortcutAllowed: true
    needFocus: false
    distance: 0.0
    crossworlds: true
    delayPerMessage: 0
    costPerMessage: 0.0
    showCostMessage: true
    maxChannelNameLength: 15
    maxChannelNicknameLength: 5
    maxJoinsPerPlayer: 0
    maxAdminPerPlayer: 1
    maxJoinsPerChannel: 0
    maxModeratorsPerChannel: 0
      canKick: true
      canInvite: true
    - admin
    - mod
    blocked_colors: []

    Format tags for channels
    Tag - Replaced by
    {name} - Channel's name
    {nick} - Channel's nickname
    {color} - Channel's color
    {sender} - Sender's display name
    {plainsender} - Sender's plain name
    {world} - Sender's world name
    {prefix} - Player's prefix (using Vault)
    {suffix} - Player's suffix (using Vault)
    {groupprefix} - Player's group prefix (using Vault)
    {groupsuffix} - Player's group suffix (using Vault)
    {bprefix2} - Prefixes found in bukkit message
    {bprefix} - Prefixes found in bukkit message (SimpleClans in compatibility mode)
    {bsuffix} - Suffixes found in bukkit message
    {server} - Player's server name (Only for bungeecord channel)
    {msg} - Message
    {groupnameprefix} - Group prefix tag (if they are inside the group)
    {groupnamesuffix} - Group suffix tag (if they are inside the group)
    {time_hour} - Hour of the day
    {time_min} - Minute within the hour
    {time_sec} - Second within the minute
    {date_day} - Day of the month
    {date_month} - Month
    {date_year} - Year
    Others - Others tags should be added by other plugins

    Format tags for private messages
    Tag - Replaced by
    {receiver} - Receiver's name
    {sender} - Sender's name
    {msg} - Message
    {ignored} - If the message was ignored (spy mode only)

    Some plugin needs to add some kind of text to chat format? Use text_to_tag instead of using Legendchat's format.
    I will show how to use with an example, PvpLevels.

    In PvpLevels you can put in chat [LEVEL] and [KDR], but in Legendchat you can not do this inside the format (it will not work).
    Instead, you will use text_to_tag.

    How to do:
    1- Go to text_to_tag and it will be like:
    text_to_tag: []
    2- Change it to:
    - 'level;[LEVEL]'
    - 'kdr;[KDR]'

    - 'tag;text' (tag = will be your tag to use in the format, ; = separator, text = text that you should use, originally)

    Then you should go to the format and add the new tags: {level} and {kdr}

    Available channel colors

    For developers
    API for Plugins, CommandHelper extension

    For BungeeCord
    Required dependencies:
    To use BungeeCord channel you MUST have LegendchatBridge.
    LegendchatBridge - Download link (Click here)

    How to install:
    It's pretty easy to enable bungeecord channel with Legendchat. Follow the steps:

    1. Download LegendchatBridge at the 'Required dependecies' section.
    2. Put the LegendchatBridge.jar at your BungeeCord plugins folder (the proxy).
    3. Put the Legendchat.jar at your servers plugins folder.
    4. Open the config.yml at Legendchat's folder.
    5. Change 'bungeecord.use' to TRUE.
    6. Save the config.yml.
    7. Ready to use! (Default channel: bungeecord [nickname: b])

    FAQ - Frequent asked questions
    Question: Why when someone try to login with /l their password shows up?
    Answer: Because of the listeners. You have 2 choices:
    1- Disable /l at your login plugin.
    2- Set "shortcutAllowed" to false at the local channel file.

    Question: Why my name is prefixed with [world_name]?
    Answer: You should go to Multiverse config and change "prefixchat" to false.

    Question: Why I have 2 equals prefixes?
    Answer: You have two choices.
    1- You set "block_repeated_tags" to false. Set it back to true.
    2- Another chat plugin incompatibility (if you have EssentialsChat, delete it).

    Question: What is {bprefix} and {bprefix2}?
    Answer: All format tags are in Plugin configuration section.

    Question: The message 'legendchat' appears when someone say something.
    Answer: You can try to find the plugin creating this incompatibility and create a ticket OR open the config file and change send_fake_message_to_chat to false.

    Question: I have a problem with X plugin.
    Answer: Click here.

    https://github.com/SubZero0/Legendchat/ (V1.1.2)
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    zhe cha jian tai hao le A.A
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    1. Mayomi9