LetterBox | [1.7-1.14] 0.0.7

Create Letter Boxes to receive incoming mail

  1. [Added] Global Message Sender

    Added an new Command to send Global Message Books to all existing Letter Boxes!

  2. [Added] Join Notifier

    Added an join notifier that informs the Player with existing Letter Boxes about letters in their box

    This Option is Disabled by Default and Toggleable in the config.yml
    Configurable Join Message with 4 Internal Placeholders about letter amount & coords.​
  3. [Updated] MC 1.14

    Added Spigot 1.14 Support​
  4. [Fixed] 1.13 Blocks

    Fixed an Issue using Spigot 1.13 that somehow SKULL's were marked as AIR blocks.​
  5. [Updated] MC 1.13

    Updated the Resource to Support Spigot 1.13​
  6. [Updated] NBT Tags | V 0.0.2

    Updated the NBT Tags to avoid Issues on older MC Versions​