Level Notes 1.0.1

Save your levels for later use!

  1. Hyprez
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    Level Notes is a premium plugin that allows players to store their levels in objects known as Level Notes. These Level Notes come in three sizes, small (default max levels: 25), medium (default max levels: 50), large (default max levels: 100) and extra large (default max levels: 500).
    • Note: You can modify the max levels in the config.yml
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    /guide - gives the player a guide to Level Notes.
    • Usage: /guide
    /snote - gives the user a small Level Note.
    • Usage: /snote
    /mnote - gives the user a medium Level Note.
    • Usage: /mnote
    /lnote - gives the user a large Level Note.
    • Usage: /lnote
    /xlnote - gives the user an extra large Level Note.
    • Usage: /xlnote
    */add - adds a specific amount of levels(NOT xp) to the note in the players hand.
    • Usage: /add <amt>
    • Variants: /bag <amt>
    */extract - removes all of the levels from the note(s) in the players hand.(Coming soon: Allowing players to choose how many levels they wish to extract/unbag.)
    • Usage: /extract <amt>
    • Variants: /unbag <amt>
    /lndisable - disables Level Notes(Only can be re-enabled via server restart/reload or plugins such as PlugMan).
    • Usage: /lndisable
    /lnstatus - Checks to the current status of Level Notes
    • Usage: /lnstatus

    * - The command may change in the future.

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    • Allows the usage of /guide
    • Allows the usage of /bag <amt> -or- /add <amt>
    • Allows the usage of /unbag <amt> -or- /extract <amt>
    • Allows the usage of the following:
      • /snote
      • /mnote
      • /lnote
      • /xlnote
      • /lndisable
      • /lnstatus

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    Each note can be crafted with Level Note's shapeless crafting!
    Small Note
    • 1x Paper
    • 1x Nether Star
    Medium Note
    • 1x Paper
    • 2x Nether Star
    Large Note
    • 1x Paper
    • 3x Nether Star
    Extra Large Note
    • 1x Paper
    • 4x Nether Star

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    • Rename /bag and /unbag
    • Add the ability to do /unbag <amt>
    • Edit OP to show recipes and screenshots
    Have something you want me to add? Tell me!

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    You can contact me for support via [email protected]

    Please report all bugs/issues here:


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    By purchasing and using Level Notes you agree to the following:

    You may not redistribute this plugin!
    You may not decompile this plugin!
    You may not modify the code of this plugin!
    You may not use it on multiple servers/networks!
    You may not ask for the source of this plugin!
    You may not ask for a refund!

    (Credit to xeRicker for the format.)

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