LevelItems 1.1

This plugin gives players access to items according to levels!

  1. BlazingBroGamer
    Level Items
    This plugin gives players access to items according to levels without those permissions!


    All commands start with /li or /levelitems

    nextitem - [Checks your next item in the list]
    reload - [Reloads the config]
    levelitems.(group) - [Needed if you don't have PEX!]


    For extra help on configuration, click here!

    Code (Text):
    //Group Name (Can use Permissions, or hook into PEX)

    //Items you want, per level in the syntax: itemid:data;level
    levelitems: []

    //Items you want never accessible by the group
    restricted: []

    //IMPORTANT FOR NON PEX USERS: Add your group here, or you wont be able to access it!
    Groups: []

    //Message to send when the player has not enough levels to use this item
    NotEnoughLevel: '&6You are not able to use this item till level %lvl%'

    //Prefix of the plugin
    Prefix: '&0[&3LevelItems&0]&f'

    //Message sent when the item is unlocked
    UnlockItem: '&6Your now Level %lvl% ! You now can use %item%!'

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Recent Reviews

  1. Lucas_111
    Version: 1.0
    It's a good plugin. Could you give an exampel how to set the items?
    1. BlazingBroGamer
      Author's Response
      It is in the description now!