LevelledMobs ~ (for 1.14.x - 1.16.x) 2.5.3 b393

The Ultimate RPG Mob Levelling Plugin

  1. lokka30
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Main developers: lokka30 & stumper66. Contributors listed below.
    Languages Supported:
    See 'Translations' below.

    Welcome to LevelledMobs 2

    The Ultimate RPG Mob Levelling Plugin
    Developed by @lokka30 and @stumper66, with testing from @Oathkeeper.

    Please, read before installing:
    • Please see the Wiki and specifically its installation instructions to ensure you have installed the plugin correctly.
    • LevelledMobs only supports Minecraft 1.14.x to 1.16.x as prior versions lack the code which makes the plugin tick. LM will never support versions older than 1.14 due to this.
    • You must install ProtocolLib if you want levelled mob labels / nametags to show like in the screenshots below. You can download ProtocolLib here, it doesn't need any configuration, just drag and drop the correct version in as stated at the top of their page.
    • The only areas support is provided is on the ArcanePlugins Discord Server and through a SpigotMC PM to me. Feel free to check the FAQ page as it answers the most common questions we get. Do not use the reviews section for support, these are for reviews only - reviews asking questions or reporting things will be ignored.

    Quick Links

    • @stumper66 and @lokka30 have released LM v2.5, cleaning up pretty significant amount of code and adding a bunch of new classes which will make it far easier for other plugins to manage what LevelledMobs does.
    • We are currently working on LevelledMobs 3! This update will be an absolute treat for everyone using it - the plugin is going to receive a huge uplift in customisation, allowing you to fine-tune how LevelledMobs well... levels mobs! This new system is called the Rules system, and it will contain a few sub-systems such as 'conditions', 'actions', 'calculations', 'events' and 'tasks'.
    • @lokka30 is currently very busy with studies, so plugin development will be slower than usual.
    • Find out our plans for future LevelledMobs updates here! :)

    Ever felt that Vanilla mobs were too easy?
    Perhaps you want to give your players a challenge that embarrasses Minecraft's "hard" mode. You might want to make your server more interesting by adding an RPG feel. If so, search no further, for LevelledMobs is the plugin you have been looking for!

    How does it work?
    LevelledMobs assigns random levels to mobs that spawn on your server. These levels determine their movement speed, attack strength, maximum health, item drops and experience drops. Creepers in specific also have an explosion radius which is slightly increased at the higher levels. Of course, pretty much everything is configurable, and the plugin's capability goes far beyond this. There are even additional levelling systems such as 'distance from spawn levelling' (greater distance, the greater the level), and 'y-distance-levelling' (deeper you go, the greater the level)! Give LevelledMobs a whirl on your server and advance your players' experience. :)

    • Level-up your mobs to make them more difficult, providing your players with a far great experience!
    • Not bloated: we avoid adding features unless we know a significant amount of servers will utilize them. The features you disable won't cause extra strain in the background.
    • Open-source under the GNU AGPL v3 license. This means bugs are found easier and contributions can be made by other developers if they wish.
    • It doesn't mess with the frequency of mob spawns on your server. LM acts on mobs as they spawn. LM does not de-spawn mobs either.
    • LevelledMobs is built to perform reliably and to be a breeze to run on light hardware.
    • A powerful configuration that is completed with lots of comments to guide you on what to do and what a setting does
    • Multiple levelling modes - regular levelling, distance from spawn levelling, Y-coordinate levelling and more!
    • Define your own custom drops and equipment from levelled mobs!
    • Uses Minecraft's in-built Attributes system where possible, instead of events (unlike some similar plugins) to ensure greater compatibility, reliability and performance of the plugin.
    • Uses the Peristent Data Container NBT system to store levels on entities, allowing them to stay over restarts and have far better performance than alternative solutions.
    • Awesome name tags are shown if ProtocolLib is installed - improves the RPG feel - you can disable this if you want.
    • Allows limitations using WorldGuard flags, if WG is installed.
    • Almost all chat messages are fully customisable with standard color codes, hex color codes, prefix placeholders and multi-line support. RGB hex color codes support for 1.16+ servers!
    • Automatic configuration file migration if the server owner accidentally forgets to update their configs. We got you covered ;)
    • Strives to be compatible with other plugins
    • LevelInterface class for developers to make it easy for other plugins to interact with LevelledMobs.
    • ..and many other features: there are far too many to list here!

    Video Showcases
    I may release my own showcase of LevelledMobs v2 in the near future. Let me know if you're interested! :)
    The following showcases are from LevelledMobs 1 around February 2020 when the plugin was barely a month old. The plugin has since evolved so much especially with the arrival of LevelledMobs 2 and most things covered in these videos have changed, some completely.
    Regardless, here are the videos I've found so far which can give you an idea of how the plugin used to look and function!

    Thanks to ServerMiner for uploading this!
    Note: The 'kill all' issue was fixed in LevelledMobs 2.

    Thanks to TechGeddon for uploading this!!

    Let's relax and take a look at some pictures!

    The following screenshots supplied by @stumper66:
    Although this spider appears to be as scary as the regular spiders, tread carefully: you don't want one of these waiting on your ceiling.

    A Level 2 skeleton equipped with custom gear, utilising Stumper's awesome Custom Drops system in LevelledMobs. You can give mobs any equipment you want!

    The magnificent abilities of the custom drops system allows you to configure in detail of what a mob should drop when they die, and what they should wear and equip when they spawn in.
    Many values can be specified as a 'range' (e.g. 100-800) which makes it a breeze to give items more variation.

    The 'King' Zombie, which has been user-configured to wear fully stacked netherite gear. Ouch.


    The following screenshots supplied by @lokka30:
    Here's a Level 3 zombie, as you can see the health has been increased by 4.8 HP from the default 20 health. A level this low doesn't usually pose a threat.
    The name tag above is accomplished using packets so that there is not actually a name tag on the entity (the client is tricked). This provides better compatibility with anti-lag plugins, allows users to name tag the mob and also have more control over the name tag system entirely.

    This is a Level 10 creeper with high movement speed, health and a larger explosion radius than default. These guys are not only sneaky, but they will blow a huge hole into your house without having enough a chance to even see it through the sugar cane.

    Not to be mistaken with one of the world's most deadly spiders, the Australian Sydney Funnel Web spider... this comes close. This screenshot shows the level 8 spider which had been determined by the new Y-coordinate levelling system which makes mobs more difficult as you go deeper. The server owner can enable Y-coordinate levelling at their wish in the settings file. Beware, miners! ;)

    Usually, you wouldn't think much of silverfish. These guys now get faster, stronger and tougher. Their small hitbox makes them very annoying to deal with. If the server owner doesn't want a mob to be levelled, it's super simple to disable them.

    A pack of skeletons. Watch out, as their arrows deal more damage if they are a higher level. Best to bring a shield to fight these monsters.

    Thank you to the following users for providing translations:
    • Spanish (español) by @Ant4rez, accessible here, including:
      • messages.yml v1 [Outdated but still useful]
    • Chinese (汉语) by @hope_no_no_no, accessible here, including:
      • settings.yml [latest]
      • messages.yml [latest]
      • customdrops.yml [latest]

    Compatibilities and Integrations
    LevelledMobs utilises (directly interacts with) these plugins:
    • ProtocolLib: for custom nametags - can be disabled in settings.yml
    • WorldGuard: for custom flags

    Added compatibility with these plugins (these plugins work with LM):
    • Mythic Mobs
      • Configurable: by default, LM does not level up Mythic mobs.
    • Infernal Mobs
      • Configurable: by default, LM does not level up Infernal Mobs
      • Their description states that LevelledMobs is incompatible, although this is no longer the case as of LevelledMobs v2.1.0. I have notified its author of this although they are yet to change it or message me.
    • Elite Mobs
      • Configurable: by default, LM does not level up Elite Mobs or Super Mobs.
    • Shopkeepers
      • Configurable: by default, LM does not level up shopkeepers.
    • Citizens
      • Configurable: by default, LM does not level up NPCs.
    • DangerousCaves
      • Configurable: by default, LM does not level up DangerousCaves mobs.
    • ... another resource not listed here? Let us know if you think a plugin may be incompatible. :)

    Reported incompatibility with these plugins (these plugins don't work properly with LM):
    • ViaBackwards users! Please set suppress-metadata-errors to true in the ViaVersion config file, otherwise you may get these warnings in your console. LM even ensures mobs are valid before applying nametags, but for some reason ViaBw doesn't think so. <shrug>
    • Although not strictly 'broken', 'health bars in nametags' plugins don't work nicely with LM.
      • mcMMO has a health bar system in it too, which can be disabled in their config. LM developers recommend you either use LM's nametag only, or add a 'boss bar' / 'action bar' health bar plugin instead of using nametag health displays.
      • If you have LM installed with a health bar plugin, then you will either need to disable LM's nametags (change setting at the top, creature-nametag, to 'disabled', OR remove the health bar plugin / disable their health bar function.
      • We recommend ActionHealth, DamageIndicators, or similar plugins as an alternative.
    • Untested, however LevelledMobs and LorinthsRPGMobs are unlikely to cooperate with each other, as they have conflicting features.
    • Mob stacker plugins can cause issues with LevelledMobs' drop multiplication. Please disable either the mob stacker's drop combining or LevelledMobs' drop multiplication.

    Need help or want to chat?
    We've got a Discord server that is more than perfect for that. You can join it here if you wish. We highly recommend you ask for help there.
    If you don't want to use Discord, you can PM me on SpigotMC.
    Do not use the reviews section to contact us as we will ignore these.

    bStats Metrics
    Like thousands of other plugins, LevelledMobs has adopted the bStats metrics system. This only tracks the most basic statistics of your server which guides me where to focus my development on this plugin - such as Java version, Minecraft version, CPU cores amount, OS type, and players online. None of this data can be linked back to you - I also value my privacy, so I would not undermine anybody else's.
    If you for whatever reason want to disable this, head to the /plugins/bStats/config.yml file and disable bStats there.
    Here's a neat graph that it generates!

    Here are the developers of the resource. We spend a lot of time pumping out updates with shiny new features, improvements and bug fixes.

    I can't thank the contributors to this resource enough. Although I have only listed the testers and code contributors, I also wish to thank the bug reporters and feature requesters for helping us make this plugin so much better.
    • @stumper66 has made a huge amount of changes in the v2.0.0 version which was a task that took us more than 2 weeks straight to create. I am astounded at their generousity to help me get this long-requested update out to thousands of server owners. Their work goes beyond this with lots of contributions to each version afterward. Stumper gave me the spark to re-continue the resource, and it was 100% worth the effort.
    • @Oathkeeper was the designer of the brilliant config files which have been laid out nicely and with very helpful comments alongside each setting. Oath has provided exceptional support to many users on the Discord server. Oath has also donated. Oath's contributions are beyond what is listed. What an absolute champion!
    • Eyrian worked on a lot of features in this plugin that lots of us love. He created the WorldGuard hook, the experience orb and item drop multiplication systems and even more significant features.
    • @iCodinqs helped out right at the start by submitting a PR which implemented the now-dependent PersistentDataContainer storage system on mobs. His work sticks to today and is a fundamental part of the plugin.
    • @deiphiz stunned me when he sent a PR that needed absolutely no modification or the slightest tweaking whatosever. They added a bunch of features concerning the old nametags system that improved it for months to come.
    • @CoolBoy, @Esophose and @7smile7 were a huge help to get the packet nametags system sorted in v2.0.0. I am so thankful for their help as packets are far too confusing for me to deal with. Without their expertise, we would still be stuck on actual nametagged mobs which just cause too many problems.
    • @Shevchik assisted us in solving this issue with the nametag system.
    • Hugo5551 and @konsolas applied bug fixes and improvements to the code.
    • Thanks to the following project teams for directly/indirectly assisting the development and testing of LevelledMobs - and also, making our servers possible: SpigotMC, ProtocolLib, PaperMC and bStats.

    No longer in use:
    • LightningStorage (now SimplexStorage) was used in LevelledMobs 1 but we discontinued use of it and switched to Bukkit's configuration handling with LevelledMobs 2.
    • PhantomLib was a requirement for LevelledMobs 1 but LevelledMobs 2 does not use PhantomLib at all. MicroLib has replaced it, which is embedded inside LevelledMobs anyways.

    Check out the rest of lokka30's fleet!
    Nope - it doesn't end at LevelledMobs! I've got a bunch of more resources which you might be interested in - click here to check them out, if you're interested. :)

    This plugin is licensed under GNU AGPL v3.0. Click here to view the license.

    Need help with LevelledMobs?
    Click here to join the Discord server. :)
    Click here to view the FAQ.


    Reviews requesting assistance, new features, enhancements or bug fixes will be ignored!
    (Therefore, it would be useless to submit)
    Contact us instead on Discord or PM me on Spigot if you wish to communicate to me there. This is the reviews section, not the discussion section. Thank you very much for your understanding. :)
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  1. KhrysAK47
    Version: 2.5.3 b393
    Original, visionary, inventive and innovative! I would even add ingenious, clever! A masterpiece!
  2. stumper66
    Version: 2.5.3 b393
    LevelledMobs keeps receiving updates to address any issues reported. In this case WorldGuard global rule support was added to further refine the ability to control where levelled mobs are allowed
    1. lokka30
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review stumper!
  3. Oathkeeper
    Version: 2.5.3 b393
    A worldguard update that's small,
    Don't you worry, that's not all!
    Soon the plugin will shift,
    Changes give it a face lift,
    All while Lokka goes AWOL!

    jk much love life be insane but you've got dedicated support behind your work!
    1. lokka30
      Author's Response
      haha cheers Oath :)
  4. Oathkeeper
    Version: 2.5.2 b391
    A surprise update for sure,
    It'll keep you wanting more,
    LevelledMobs ain't a bore!
    1. lokka30
      Author's Response
      A magnificent masterpiece ;)
  5. stumper66
    Version: 2.5.2 b391
    LevelledMobs - the developers are very responsible to issuing fixes when a bug is discovered and reported
    1. lokka30
      Author's Response
      Thank stumper! Made possible with the collaboration with some of the most kindest, generous people!
  6. SenZeiMC
    Version: 2.5.1 b389
    Awesome plugin and great support from the devs. This is great for RPG survival servers and I definitely recommend you use it for the added challenge.
    1. lokka30
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the kind review SenZei, we really appreciate your feedback!
  7. Oathkeeper
    Version: 2.5.1 b389
    Dedicated; consecrated; and true,
    The development will never be through,
    While this update is small,
    Other updates will soon fall,
    While LevelledMobs handles the queue!
    1. lokka30
      Author's Response
      LM 3 is on its way!
  8. SpaceCraftorg
    Version: 2.5.0 b372
    Excelente plugin e increíble soporte, perfecto plugin para un survival, totalmente recomendado :D
    1. lokka30
      Author's Response
      Cheers SpaceCraftorg :)
  9. Xirevert
    Version: 2.5.0 b372
    I love the extra challenge this plugin provides. Very easy to use and dev support is quick and efficient! Keep up the good work! :)
    1. lokka30
      Author's Response
      Thank you Xirevert!
  10. 1337fr0sty
    Version: 2.5.0 b372
    This plugin is great. Simple and pleasant operation. The administration on discord was very helpful
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      Author's Response
      We really appreciate your kind feedback frosty. Thank you!