LevelledMobs ~ (for 1.16.x - 1.17.x) 3.1.8 b517

The Ultimate RPG Mob Levelling Solution | Spice up mob combat on your server today! :)

  1. lokka30
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    Welcome to LevelledMobs 3!
    Developed by @lokka30, @stumper66, and @Oathkeeper
    (Thank you all for placing us in the top-rated Spigot plugins!)

    ❗ Important information, please read:
    Just to make sure you see the important information about the plugin before you install the plugin, we've put this notice up here. :)
    • Here's how to install the plugin
    • LevelledMobs requires MC 1.16 or newer
      • Your server (not your users) must run on Minecraft 1.16 or any newer supported version. See our Compatibilities Wiki page for more information.
    • LevelledMobs requires requires Java 11 or newer
      • Servers running an MC version older than 1.17 require Java 11 or newer to be installed on their system. See the Compatibilities Wiki page for more information. If you're running 1.17 or newer, you're already running Java 16 or newer. :D
    • Want LevelledMobs' nametags to appear?
      • You must have ProtocolLib installed as well for LevelledMobs' nametag system to work. ProtocolLib does not do anything on its own, and it requires no configuration - it just makes it easier for plugin developers to manage packets in their plugins.
    • Got a question, issue, suggestion or just want to chat?

    Quick Links:

    1. Regarding LevelledMobs 3 development
    @stumper66 is currently working on LevelledMobs 3 updates.

    2. Regarding LevelledMobs 4 development
    @lokka30 is currently working on the brand new iteration of the plugin, LevelledMobs 4. Progress on this is currently very slow due to studies, although it will ramp up significantly in December.
    • This is being done in parallel to LevelledMobs 3 development, so the current update rate will remain the same :)
    • The plugin is being fully re-programmed from the ground up.
    • LevelledMobs 3 users will not have to worry about anything since a new migration system will handle any changes brought about the new configs. There are only minor changes to commands and configs, so it will be a breeze to upgrade to.
    • The purpose of the re-code is to improve performance significantly through significantly improved designing of the code, along with more understandable code for contributors, and abilities for any integrations will be significantly expanded.
    • Contact lokka30 if you wish to learn more.

    Ever felt that Vanilla mobs were too easy? Give your players a challenge that embarrasses Minecraft's boring "hard" mode. Or maybe, you might want to make your server more interesting by adding more of an RPG feel. Well, search no further, as LevelledMobs is the plugin you have been looking for!

    How does it work?
    LevelledMobs assigns levels to mobs that spawn on your server.

    We have various Levelling Systems which have different formulas that you can choose that determine what level mobs have:
    • Weighted Random Levelling (used by default) generates random numbers for mob levels although makes higher values less common.
    • Player Levelling generates levels for nearby mobs based upon any PlaceholderAPI placeholder for all players that are near monsters. This means you can use the McMMO power level of a player, their Aurelium Skills level, playtime, and far, far more!
    • Distance from Spawn Levelling generates values based on the mob's spawning position relative to the spawnpoint. The farther from the spawnpoint the mob is, the higher the level.
    • Y-Coordinate Levelling generates values based on the mob's Y-coordinate when they spawn. You can make it so any mob that is deeper than the sea level will be a higher level, bringing extra difficulty to cave dwellers.
    • Blended Levelling is a combination of Distance from Spawn and Y-Coordinate Levelling, making mobs harder the farther from spawn and the deeper you go.

    These levels determine their movement speed, attack strength, maximum health, item drops, and experience drops. Creepers in specific also have an explosion radius which is slightly increased at the higher levels.

    Of course, pretty much everything is configurable, and the plugin's capability goes far beyond this!

    LM works great out-of-the-box, making zero configuration required to have a blast. The default configs are play-tested, and even includes 3 difficulty presets (easy, normal, hard) in case your users are not pleased with the 'normal' difficulty (based on Minecraft's 'hard' difficulty).

    Give LevelledMobs a whirl on your server and advance your players' experience today! :)



    Why choose LevelledMobs?
    • Level-up your mobs to make them more difficult, providing your players with a significantly improved experience!
    • New in LevelledMobs 3.0: 'Rules System' which allows you to customise LevelledMobs to an extensive degree so that it operates on mobs differently depending on conditions or whatever else you configure it to!
    • New in LevelledMobs 3.1: 'Player Levelling' system, allowing you to use any PlaceholderAPI placeholders to level mobs based upon nearby players! Yes, this means you can make mobs change level depending on players' MCMMO levels, Aurelium Skills level, money on your server, exp level, and so much more!
    • Not bloated. We avoid adding features unless we know a significant amount of servers will utilize them. The features you disable won't cause extra strain in the background.
    • Open-source under the GNU AGPL v3 license. This means bugs are found easier and contributions can be made by other developers if they wish.
    • It doesn't mess with the frequency of mob spawns on your server. LM acts on mobs as they spawn, e.g. in the wild, from spawn eggs, spawner blocks, and so on.
    • LevelledMobs is built to perform reliably and to be a breeze to run on light hardware. Parts of the plugin have been programmed to operate on a separate CPU thread which equates to LM having a very low footprint on your TPS.
    • Powerful configuration files that are completed with lots of documentation on our Wiki to guide you on what to do and what a setting does
    • Multiple levelling modes - spice up the math LM uses to calculate levels with random-number levelling, distance from spawn levelling, Y-coordinate levelling and more!
    • Define your own custom drops and equipment for levelled mobs!
    • Uses Minecraft's in-built Attributes system where possible, instead of events (unlike some similar plugins) to ensure greater compatibility, reliability and performance of the plugin.
    • Uses the Persistent Data Container NBT system to store levels on entities, allowing them to stay over restarts and have far better performance than alternative solutions.
    • Awesome name tags are shown if ProtocolLib is installed - improves the RPG feel - you can disable this if you want.
    • New health indicator system in the name tags that you can use at your choice!
      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    • Allows limitations using WorldGuard flags, if WG is installed.
    • Almost all chat messages are fully customisable with standard color codes, hex color codes, prefix placeholders and multi-line support. RGB hex color codes also work!
    • Automatic configuration file migration between plugin updates!
    • Strives to be compatible with other plugins
    • Level Interface code class and various Bukkit Events for developers to make it easy for other plugins to interact with LevelledMobs.
    • Free, thorough high-tier support from our Support Team.
    • ..and many other features: there are far too many to list here!

    Video Showcases
    No newer videos are out yet! I'm thinking of making my own in the future.
    The following showcases are from LevelledMobs 1 around February 2020 when the plugin was barely a month old. The plugin has since evolved so much especially with the arrival of LevelledMobs 2 and now even 3, most things covered in these videos have changed, completely.
    Regardless, here are the videos I've found so far which can give you an idea of how the plugin used to look and function!


    Thanks to ServerMiner for uploading this!
    Note: The 'kill all' issue was fixed in LevelledMobs 2.


    Thanks to TechGeddon for uploading this!

    Made a video showcase of your own? Got gameplay videos with LevelledMobs installed? Send me a PM if you would like it featured here. :)

    To experience LevelledMobs, you'll need to be in-game. However, below you may check out how the nametags look! :)
    Note: These screenshots were taken with LevelledMobs 2, which had a default max level of 10. This value has since been updated, and you may even adjust it to your liking! The name tags also have new RGB colours that look better than these photos ;)
    Although this spider appears to be as scary as the regular spiders, tread carefully: you don't want one of these waiting on your ceiling.

    A Level 2 skeleton equipped with custom gear, utilising the awesome Custom Drops system in LevelledMobs. You can give mobs any equipment you want!

    The 'King' Zombie, which has been user-configured to wear fully stacked netherite gear. Ouch!..


    Check out these plugins that have integrated with LevelledMobs!
    (If your plugin uses LevelledMobs in some form like these do, let me know if you want it linked here too)

    LevelledMobs is developed, maintained, and supported in the team's free time.
    The price you are required to pay for this? Free! Absolutely free for everyone.
    We would greatly appreciate any donations if your server is strongly benefiting from LevelledMobs as we do not earn money from this project.
    @stumper66 links:
    @lokka30 links:
    If you have donated then you may contact us via a Ticket chat on our Discord to be eligible to receive a Discord role and/or announcement (of your choice) as we are grateful for your donations.

    Other Links:

    ‍Have questions, issues or suggestions for the plugin?
    • Click here to join the Discord server to contact the LevelledMobs team.
    • Alternatively, you may send me a private message.
    • Click here to view the Frequently Asked Questions.
    • Reviews that request assistance will be ignored! Please use the appropriate support methods as stated above, as we will happily help you out there. It's practically impossible to help & answer questions in the reviews section. :)
    • Thank you for your understanding!
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Recent Updates

  1. v3.1.8 b517
  2. v3.1.7 b508
  3. v3.1.6 b506

Recent Reviews

  1. jwevans
    Version: 3.1.8 b517
    Okay, so my browser refreshed, which means about 30 minutes of writing gone. But I will persevere with this review.

    This plugin is one of the best mob levelling plugins for Minecraft that I have come across. It works for both small-scale servers if you're just looking to spice things up, and for large-scale implementations if you're looking to revamp the mob fighting experience for your playerbase.

    Here are some nice points about this plugin:

    - Flexibility. There are a lot of options to choose from, and a lot of settings that you can change and tweak to your liking. Of course, out of the box, this plugin just works for most uses. However, if you have something different in mind, it is entirely possible to just change some things in the configuration. Chances are, the behavior you want is in the files somewhere, waiting to be discovered by you. Want mobs to be levelled based on how far players are from spawn? That's very much possible. How about based on how deep you are in a cave system? Also easily possible. How about a blend of the two? Yep, also possible (the two settings sit literally on top of each other in the config files).

    Something else that's sweet is the sheer amount of documentation made available to the user IN THE CONFIG FILES THEMSELVES. This means that you don't have to guess and make trips to the docs to understand what every single little thing means; it is already there, conveniently above the setting you want to change. Points for accessibility and ease of use.

    - Compatibility. Since the plugin levels mobs as soon as they spawn, plugins that affect mob spawning behavior will automatically be compatible with this one. Whether the mobs spawned in naturally, by spawner, or by command, they are automatically levelled (also configurable). This is no joke; even custom mobs from plugins like MythicMobs are levelled (though you can disable this function too, if, like me, you don't want them to be levelled).

    This really removes a lot of the roadblocks and headaches in server management when it comes to plugins not playing nice with each other. Of course, there are still some limitations (like with mob stackers, as one of the devs told me when I asked for support), but what plugin doesn't have those? For me, the things this plugin offers you far outweigh this problem.

    - Customizability. I have given many examples of how this plugin can be customized to your needs, but there is still so much to cover. You can change mob drops, equipment, and even names based on factors like their level, the biomes they are in, or just simply what mob they are. This allows for some interesting mechanics, especially for RPG servers with lots of backstory and lore. It can also make things much more interesting for players. You can essentially create a custom mob (just not with custom skills, I don't think) that players would have to seek out on a per-level or per-biome basis, or possibly other factors, that they otherwise would not even see in regular ol' Minecraft mobs.

    - Efficiency. This plugin runs really well on servers. I once did a Timings report due to strange lag, and LevelledMobs had some really respectable resource usage numbers. If you are experiencing lag in your server and you have this installed, chances are it's another plugin or player (it was a player for me).

    - Versatility. In my time using this plugin, I found that this can also be used as a mob farm limiter of sorts, at least for higher levels. Since mobs with higher levels most likely have larger health pools, they are much harder to kill. This introduces tediousness into the otherwise "smooth sailing" that a player experiences after their hard work building a mob farm, and might just be enough to discourage large scale farms for the purpose of farming the rare custom loot you set up and the greater EXP drops.

    - Support. This plugin has amazing support. Not kidding. The devs reply really fast (like, really fast) on the Discord server compared to other plugins' support (below a minute), and can provide an answer and a solution to your problem. Of course, there are some problems that are out of their scope, but what is impressive is how they still try to help people a bit despite that. They are also very friendly and approachable. They **may** even chat with you for a bit about stuff.

    All in all, this is a well-made and fleshed-out plugin that is rich in features, compatibility, and support. The variety it brings to your server is just too good to pass up, with you focusing more on customizing than troubleshooting it if you decide to change something to your liking. Even then, if you do run into trouble, the devs are just a chat away.

    Seriously. Get this plugin. You won't regret it.

    To the devs: this is an awesome job you did with the plugin! Thanks for all your hard work and for bringing this to life for all of us to enjoy, for FREE might I add. I hope you all have amazing meals forever. Also an amazing life. xD
    1. lokka30
      Author's Response
      This is easily the most thoughtful and descriptive review I have ever seen on my time on the Spigot platform!
      PenalBuffalo, UltimaOath and I are ultimately grateful that you took the time to write this for our resource, even after your browser decided otherwise.
      Reviews keep us going. And then there's yours, which I never would have expected to receive.
      Again, we are tremendously grateful. :)
      Please feel free to contact us at anytime. All the best for your life + server!
      ~ lokka30
  2. kretoz
    Version: 3.1.7 b508
    ok i am not writting reviews often, but this free plugin desirves it. So flexible, so rich and the most important the Support is the best ive got from my experience with all other plugin creators....those guys desirve its :)
    1. lokka30
      Author's Response
      Thanks so much kretoz! :)
      ~ lokka30
  3. IamSeverus
    Version: 3.1.7 b508
    Excelente, tuve un problema en entender como funcionaba las rules para los niveles de mobs y me respondieron al instante y con una explicación buena, muy buena atención, gracias!
    1. lokka30
      Author's Response
      Muchas gracias por su amable reseña, nos alegramos de que se hayan resuelto sus dudas. Por favor, no tenga miedo de ponerse en contacto con nosotros de nuevo en cualquier momento.
      ~ lokka30
  4. UrEasyKill76
    Version: 3.1.7 b508
    Amazing plugin. the staff help instantly and dont give up they also respond very quickly. overall a 10/10 for a free plugin and customer service also a 10/10 def recomend this mob plugin over others
    1. lokka30
      Author's Response
      Cheers for the kind review UrEasyKill!
      ~ lokka30
  5. MelaniumAS
    Version: 3.1.7 b508
    Que pena que ahora todo sea JAVA 11 para arriba, dejaría 1 estrella pero fue buen plugin cuando pude usarlo, me encantaba este plugin, ahora ya no es nada por la maldita actualización de JAVA 11 Y 16. Una pena total que todos los creadores sean menos pacientes y solo vean JAVA 16 como lo mejor.
    1. lokka30
      Author's Response
      Hola MelaniumAS,

      Java 8 fue lanzado en marzo de 2014. Si todavía estás en Java 8 entonces estás 7 años y 8 versiones atrás.

      Al ver que muchos propietarios y usuarios de servidores estaban atascados en esta versión antigua, Mojang, los creadores de Minecraft, declararon que Java 16 es ahora la nueva versión estándar de Java para el juego. Incluso Spigot impone ahora Java 16 también para los servidores de Minecraft 1.17.

      Hemos decidido elegir Java 11 ya que los usuarios han tenido unos 3 años para actualizarse a ella. Es conocido por ser una versión muy estable de Java. Por cierto, no hemos elegido Java 16. De hecho creemos que LevelledMobs soportará Minecraft 1.16 y Java 11 durante un tiempo, ya que contiene las características que actualmente necesitamos.

      La razón por la que los desarrolladores de Mojang y Spigot están actualizando sus versiones de Java es porque las nuevas versiones de Java traen ganancias de rendimiento y nuevas características para que las utilicemos. Además, el juego avanza y ya no tenemos que atender a las personas que deciden ejecutar una versión de hace 7 años. Sí, esto significa 7 años de actualizaciones que mejoran Java en su conjunto. Para que te hagas una idea, ¡esto fue cuando se lanzó Minecraft 1.8!

      Le recomendamos encarecidamente que se actualice. Si usted está ejecutando Minecraft 1.16 entonces usted debe actualizar a Java 16. Si está ejecutando una versión anterior, creo que Java 11 es una buena opción, ya que no estoy seguro de cuál es la primera versión de Minecraft que soporta Java 16. La actualización de su versión de Java no tiene absolutamente ningún efecto negativo por lo que yo sé, sólo positivo.

      Le pido disculpas por haber sido perjudicado por nuestra actualización que impone una versión mínima de Java de 11. Espero que entienda mi respuesta.

      Gracias por la calificación, y todo lo mejor con su servidor :)
      ~ lokka30
  6. Mac_Manson
    Version: 3.1.7 b508
    This plugin adds a new challenge to the game by making the mobs have different levels. Instead of every zombie having the same amount of hearts, this plugin will add variety to their health and power levels. Keep your players on their toes and add a challenge to the game.

    I have multiverse installed and I had problems getting this working on the just the one world I wanted. The friendly, free, and quick support really helped me.
    1. lokka30
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for the kind review Mac. All the best with your server!
      ~ lokka30
  7. MigheYeah
    Version: 3.1.7 b508
    PERFECT PLUGIN. And the best attendance, They help me a lot. And the plugin is PERFECT if you want convine with other RPG mods. VERY RECOMEND!
    1. lokka30
      Author's Response
      Cheers for the awesome review MigheYeah! :)
      ~ lokka30
  8. PROZACTv12
    Version: 3.1.7 b508
    Incredible plugin gives the players something different and makes the minecraft even more interesting. Regarding the support, they helped me with everything I asked for immediately keep the good work guys and bring more funny stuff to us!!
    1. lokka30
      Author's Response
      We highly appreciate your kind review on the plugin. All the best for you and your server! :)
      ~ lokka30
  9. Leodan
    Version: 3.1.7 b508
    Muy buen plugin, excelente servicio de soporte y ayuda, facil de configurar y facil de usar, recomendado totalmente
    1. lokka30
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your kind review Leodan :)
      ~ lokka30
  10. Ayel
    Version: 3.1.7 b508
    The support... The plugin... oh my God, all of this is perfect, the support helped me a lot and are very kind, I recommend a lot.
    1. lokka30
      Author's Response
      Cheers for the kind review Ayel, have a great day!
      ~ lokka30