LevelRequirement 1.0

Add Level Requirements in order to use defined items

  1. manimax3
    With this plugin you can set how many Levels a player needs in order to use this item.

    Just Drop the LevelRequirement.jar into your plugins folder of you server.
    After a start/reload there should be a config.yml in the LevelRequirement folder. In the config.yml you can select whether the item should be dropped on the ground (if you cant use it) and whether the plugin should check if you caused damage with this item (just leave this to true).

    With the command /setrq [level] you can set this requirement to use this item for everyone who hasnt the permission "levelrq.bypass". (Permission for this command: "levelrq.setrq").

Recent Reviews

  1. hsndmrts_
    Version: 1.0
    pre good.
    1. manimax3
      Author's Response
      Thank you!