Want Levels? Well, This plugin is for you!

  1. TheDaChicken
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    Languages Supported:
    CUSTOM I guess?
    There are Bugs!
    Levels allows you to add a level system to your Spigot Minecraft server!


    Please Delete the levelsconfig.yml/messages.yml every time you update!
    I make changes in the levelsconfig.yml almost every update and the changes will not be updated unless you create a new one!

    There are points and when you go over the points you level up with a random Color Actionbar!

    You can choose how many points you need to level up in the levelsconfig file!

    In the config.yml file you can choose to use your own plugin to show the
    level or it will auto put the level in the chat (might not work in some chat plugins)

    Also, if you go to the Datalevel file you can set people levels without restarting the server!

    /levelstats playername - shows peoples levels and points in the level.
    /addpoints playername number - adds points a person. (Need OP)
    /changelevel playername number - changes the level to the number. (Need OP)
    /debuglevel - just prints out variables that the person who ran the command has storied in playerdata. (Need OP)
    /addlevel - Adds to the level of a person! (Need OP)
    /changepoints - Don't really use it. it's not best to add points and cannot subtract. (Need OP)
    /levelsleaderboard - Shows you the Usage of All Leaderboards Commands (Might be changed in the future)
    /level points addpoints - You can add points to people
    /level points removepoints (Not Finished)
    /level info <username>

    This is the Simple API!
    All you need to type level.plugin.API.
    and shows you all the things you can do!
    Make sure to add the Plugin as A library!









    level.plugin.API.AddPointsToPlayer(player, points)

    level.plugin.API.ChangeLevelToPLayer(player, level)

    level.plugin.API.AddLevelToPlayer(player, level)

    When killing mobs.
    When breaking blocks

    %levels_level_string% = Gets Full Color and Number of the player's level
    %levels_level_number% = Gets Just the Number of the player's level
    %levels_points% = Gets the Points of the Player
    %levels_points_max% = Gets the Max Points! (The Amount of Points needed to level up!
    %levels_position% = Gets the players position!
    %levels_position_level:<position_here>% = Gets the position level
    %levels_position_username:<position_number_here>% = Get the position username


    - Quests (module installs when you load up the plugin! You may need to restart the server after you load the plugin, when it installs)
    - PlaceHolderAPI
    - NameTagEdit (For showing level in suffix or prefix)

    Coming Soon in the Plugin:
    Add more ways to get more points
    Custom Chat For Levels. if chat plugin doesn't allow to force ad
    More Animations
    Better way to give Rewards when leveling up instead of just running commands.

    Tested on 1.8.8 without any errors
    No Plugins needed!
    If you have any errors please go to the discuss tab.
    If you want something in the plugin go to the discuss tab.

    ## There may be missed information on this page! Check the levelsconfig! ##
    ### Please Don't give me a bad rating for something not working. That is not how it works (for me). I would love to fix that. Please tell me in discuss tab. ###


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Recent Reviews

  1. miguelrebolo
    Version: 3.0.11
    Add this feature: XP 10/50 >> Progress bar &a▪&f▪▪▪▪.I prefer this option for this plugin if its possible.Add support for info board plugin wiht Progress bar feature.
    1. TheDaChicken
      Author's Response
      L'll add that to my list!
  2. Tessio
    Version: 3.0.11
    I really like this plugin, in fact I have a couple of ideas that could help you make the best plugin in the world, I only commented 2 small details that have me a little disappointed, I was more than an hour adding levels to levelsconfig.yml To find out what causes a tremendous server lag, maybe you should simplify the question of the points, putting a multiplier as you advance in level, because otherwise we can only have 10k of levels or less, and the placeholders have not yet worked to my using the nametag in essentials, excellent plugin, I hope you work on it, take it as constructive criticism and not complain or something else bad
    1. TheDaChicken
      Author's Response
      L'll take that in consideration!
  3. Drakunovu
    Version: 3.0.11
    The placeholders are not working, help me :(
    1. TheDaChicken
      Author's Response
      Could you please give me a little bit more info? For example, do you mean the PlaceHolderAPI placeholders? Please DM me or whatever.
  4. wormecode
    Version: 3.0.11
    Good plugin! Working perfectly, but it will be batter if it s display placeholder without placaholderAPI. Anyway good luck in develepment!
    1. TheDaChicken
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Due to how I made the plugin, it isn't easy to make placeholders without changing a lot of the code for handing messages. I may recode the plugin in the future to handle messages better and l'll be able to add that.
  5. RubenCaleb
    Version: 3.0.10
    Puedes agregar un sistema de premios? por ejemplo si llegas al nivel 5 que el mismo plugin execute un comando que de un premio al jugar por ejemplo: eco give (nombre) 1000, asi le daria 1000 monedas al jugar por llegar la nivel 5.

    Tambien podrias poner para ganar niveles al matar otros usuarios?
    tambien plantando cultivos y consechandolos? o crafteando objetos
    1. TheDaChicken
      Author's Response
      I actually kinda of already have a prize system. It's called "levelupruncommandcertainperlevel." It runs commands when someone levels up to the specific level. You can change the command to be run to eco give %player% 100.
      Also, I did add something to give players points when killing someone it's called "EnablePlayerPoints" in the levelsconfig.yml. But not levels. I don't know if lost in translation since I don't know Spanish. But if you want me to add to give player levels per kill then message me.
  6. Zurdo257
    Version: 3.0.10
    exelente complemento perdon por escribir en español podrias agregar el comando para dar reload al plugin por favor
    1. TheDaChicken
      Author's Response
      Mostly the plugin doesn't need a command to reload it. Since mostly gets latest stuff from Config file, but not messages. But I'll add it to my TODO list.
  7. miguelrebolo
    Version: 3.0.08
    This plugin needs a progress xp bar and reward system when you level up.Plis can you add this options in future updates?
    1. TheDaChicken
      Author's Response
      L'll add that to my todo list! Also there is already something slimier to rewards in this plugin. There is levelupruncommandcertainperlevel, (I know long name) Allows you to run commands onto the player from Console. like for example in the config, you can do: /give %player% diamond_sword
  8. mouad
    Version: 3
    good plugin i like it plz :
    can you add reward system example when player level up to level 2 run this command eco give %player% 10
    and when he level up to 3 run this command
    eco give %player% 30 etc......
    thanks ❤️
    1. TheDaChicken
      Author's Response
      I will see what I can do!
  9. LeonardoBarros
    Version: 2.2.32
    This ia good update and plugin. Ih love this plugin. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    1. TheDaChicken
      Author's Response
      Thanks! It's good to hear that you love this plugin.
  10. mouad
    Version: 2.2.32
    woow very gooooooood plugin
    i think this is the best levels plugin
    thank you for the amazing update ❤️
    1. TheDaChicken