Liberium 1.1.0

Develop spigot plugins with ease.

  1. Kraftics
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    • 1.16
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    Panda885, Skymmel

    Develop spigot plugins with ease.

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    The main goal of this project is to make spigot plugin coding easier. Currently Liberium adds a new command system (inspired by brigadier), simple packet system and easy sql database manager.

    1. Download Liberium from release page.
    2. Put it in the plugins folder.
    3. Restart or reload the server.

    You can read how to get started in the wiki. (work-in-progress)
    Or view information about classes in the javadocs.

    Need help?

    Have a question or something is not working?
    Create a new issue on the issue tracker.

    Questions in the review section will be ignored.
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