Lib's Disguises [Free] 10.0.28

Lib's Disguises, the premier disguise plugin

  1. libraryaddict
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Source Code:
    libraryaddict, ByteFlux, NavidK0
    Supports: 1.12, 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16, 1.17, 1.18.1, 1.18.2
    Wiki: Link
    Support: Discord Grab a role in #role-assign and visit #libs-support

    Requires ProtocolLib: Link
    If you need ProtocolLib dev builds and their site is down, join our discord and check #libs-support pins for a jar!

    The review sections on free plugins tend to be more negative, ironically. The value of something rises when you earn it.

    The free version does not include several features, for that please look here
    Not included in free version is:

    • Commands usable by non-admins
    • Disguises saved on quit or chunk unload
    • Translations/Custom messages
    • Multiline names when using armorstands option

    The free version is intended for the servers that need Lib's Disguises installed, but don't want or need commands. Such as Hide and Seek!

    If you're interested in the premium version, scroll down for a deal for free premium on a high quality Minecraft Hosting provider.

    What is Lib's Disguises?

    Lib's Disguises is a disguise plugin that lets you disguise any entity, as any entity. You can fully customize all these disguises, tons of command functionality and even apply special effects to disguises that would normally require a lot of hackery!

    Such as creating a player disguise called "Notch", but he's always sneaking!

    Disguise every creeper as a friendly villager! Heck, disguise as a creeper and hiss at your friends! Disguise as a dropped diamond block and snicker as they try to pick you up!

    Part of Lib's Disguises functionality is the ability to let you see your own disguises!

    Be sure to checkout the wiki for more help on what exactly you can do!

    Need a reliable server? Get the premium version of my plugin for free of charge!

    If you install my plugin on a Minecraft server hosted with BisectHosting, the premium version will be automatically enabled without having to purchase it! This works on the version downloaded here as well! In addition to that, save 25% off your first invoice by using the promo code libraryaddict. Take advantage of this deal by clicking here.

    If you're interested in why I recommend them, please scroll down.

    Discord / Help / Support

    You can find me in the discord channel called #libs-support, the server is run by MythicMobs.

    This is the easiest way to get ahold of me and receive prompt support.

    So why BisectHosting?

    There are a few reasons I have BisectHosting on my page. The first is obviously referrals, I'm also given a server to test on for various projects.
    The second is because I actually do think they have one of the best reputations out there, both in hardware quality, network stability and especially in their customer support.
    You can find cheap servers online because you're paying for the worst. Those companies are often run unprofessionally and refuse to answer you when you try to get help, with lag spikes being common on oversold hardware.

    I believe BisectHosting is worth considering just for the quality alone, but of course; Buying a server with them helps support me and the development of Lib's Disguises.

    Have a problem? The fastest way to get support is in the discord channel #libs-support! The review section doesn't let me help you very well, and I don't check it often.

Recent Reviews

  1. Alista_Online
    Version: 10.0.28
    This plugin can be used to transform into 3D mobs?
    ( Custom Mobs 3D Mythicmobs )
    1. libraryaddict
  2. Flake_Lorenz
    Version: 10.0.28
    Please help me. Everytime in my console i seen this spam -

    "WARN]: [MythicMobs] ✗ Compatibility Error for 'LibsDisguises': Disguise type 'player' not found"
    How i can fix that?
    1. libraryaddict
      Author's Response
      Try ask MythicMobs support? That's not a Lib's Disguises error, that error is by MythicMobs.
  3. jia_qi
    Version: 10.0.27
    1. libraryaddict
      Author's Response
      Please use another site to upload your pastes.
  4. obersteiner86
    Version: 10.0.27
    @Goodvibes yes of curse update to are version that not even exit jet as are server version nice joke.but anywhy nice plugin
  5. Goodvibes
    Version: 10.0.27
    please update this to 1.19.6 already please update this :( my server cant run because this is only up to 1.18
  6. Alcerious
    Version: 10.0.27
    Works fantastically. I have 2 plugins that use this and my server loves it, thanks for the hard work.
  7. Ronal99
    Version: 10.0.27
    hello, I am having problems with /grabskin command, do I need to pay for it? because I used 3 months ago and I did not need to buy the premium one
    1. libraryaddict
  8. tncc
    Version: 10.0.26
    Good plugin thanks to the author <3
    Good plugin thanks to the author <3
    Good plugin thanks to the author <3
  9. Crltical
    Version: 10.0.26
    I use this for MythicMobs and it works greatly. It is good for everything else. My server is on 1.17.1 for anyone wondering if it works for that.
  10. MagmaGuy
    Version: 10.0.26
    Some people don't know how good they have it before it's gone.

    Keep it up libraryaddict!