Lib's Disguises [Free] 10.0.13

Lib's Disguises, the premier disguise plugin

  1. libraryaddict
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    libraryaddict, ByteFlux, NavidK0
    Supports: 1.12, 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16
    Wiki: here

    Requires ProtocolLib: here

    The API version does not include several features, for that please look here!
    Not included in API version is:

    • Non-Admin Commands
    • Saved Disguises
    • Translations

    The free version is intended for the servers that need Lib's Disguises installed, but don't want or need commands. Such as Hide and Seek!

    If you're interested in the premium version, scroll down for a deal for free premium on a high quality Minecraft Hosting provider.

    What is Lib's Disguises?

    Lib's Disguises is a disguise plugin that lets you disguise any entity, as any entity. You can fully customize all these disguises, tons of command functionality and even apply special effects to disguises that would normally require a lot of hackery!

    Such as creating a player disguise called "Notch", but he's always sneaking!

    Disguise every creeper as a friendly villager! Heck, disguise as a creeper and hiss at your friends! Disguise as a dropped diamond block and snicker as they try to pick you up!

    Part of Lib's Disguises functionality is the ability to let you see your own disguises!

    Be sure to checkout the wiki for more help on what exactly you can do!

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    Discord / Help / Support

    You can find me in the discord channel called #libs-support, the server is run by MythicMobs.

    This is the easiest way to get ahold of me and receive prompt support.

    So why BisectHosting?

    There are a few reasons I have BisectHosting on my page. The first is obviously referrals, I'm also given a server to test on for various projects.
    The second is because I actually do think they have one of the best reputations out there, both in hardware quality, network stability and especially in their customer support.
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    I believe BisectHosting is worth considering just for the quality alone, but of course; Buying a server with them helps support me and the development of Lib's Disguises.

Recent Updates

  1. Released 10.0.13
  2. Released 10.0.12
  3. Released 10.0.11

Recent Reviews

  1. Akiraa
    Version: 10.0.13
  2. wormecode
    Version: 10.0.13
    Its very nice and high quality plugin!

    I hope that developer add possibility to display custom nametag from plugins such as TAB or NametagEdit even if player disguised. Thenks
  3. jwpwnz
    Version: 10.0.12
    do you have any plans to update? update otherwise was great b4 1.16 broke not many plugins like this anymore.
    1. libraryaddict
      Author's Response
      1.16 is supported yes
  4. tootiepoot
    Version: 10.0.12
    Update to 1.16 por favor
    1. libraryaddict
      Author's Response
      1.16 is supported yes
  5. Akiraa
    Version: 10.0.12
    need update 1.16 , error in 1.16
    5 stars waiting for you :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
    1. libraryaddict
  6. TheHytapZEngine
    Version: 10.0.12
    u get 5 stars from me :D
  7. jaylawl
    Version: 10.0.12
    Gotta update my review on this. The new options that were added somewhat recently are absolutely awesome! Been longing to be able to hide the darn nametag on player disguises for so long. And turning any player into a Dinnerbone case? Love it!
  8. Taufelino
    Version: 10.0.10
    Excellent plugin , im using it with Mythical mobs , also excellent , 5/5 stars :D
  9. DxsSucuk
    Version: 10.0.8
    Hey Nice Plugin im using your API for my Troll Plugin and its working fine!
    But i several Questions

    1. Is there a way to Contact you?
    2. Could you make a Version thats Supports 1.8-1.9
    3. Is the API going to get Time Updates (like every week or every moth 1 update)
    1. libraryaddict
      Author's Response
      There's a section on contacting me in the plugin description. 1.8 and 1.9 will not get any support. The 'API' is a bad name tbh, I renamed the plugin to free version. Which is updated alongside premium
  10. Jabbablocker
    Version: 10.0.6
    GJ Excellent! I'm giving access to all disguises to all ranks as usual.
    I also highly advise using and sticking with Bisect Hosting. Tried many other hosts before finding that one. They are the best.
    1. libraryaddict
      Author's Response
      I wouldn't promote them if I didn't trust their reputation :P