Lib's Disguises [Free] 10.0.28

Lib's Disguises, the premier disguise plugin

  1. Release 10.0.28

    Super long overdue, this features 1.18.2 support!

    • Added 1.18.2 support
    • Tall self disguises are now disabled by default, this means they don't block your view
    • Random UUIDs for non-player disguises can now be disabled
    • Methods that are not used by some disguises are now hidden from disguise help
    • Added a way to remove a custom disguise in the API
    • Better support for weirdly named plugin folders
    • Print what malformed disguises had in their file for better debugging...
  2. Release 10.0.27 with 1.18 support

    So this is the first update in a while!
    Lots of code changes too!

    I would bump a major version but it feels weird...
    Huge shoutout to Martoph for their work on the 1.18 update!
    This update wasn't expected to be this year without their efforts.

    • Updated for 1.18.1
    • Fixed an error when disguising non-living entities, as a living disguise
    • Fixed namespace using Plugin instead of Plugin Name
    • Fixed DisguiseAPI sometimes not letting the plugin work
    • Fixed sounds on disguises...
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  3. Released 10.0.26 with 1.17.1 support

    1.17 support! Oh sorry, to clarify this is 1.17.1 not 1.17.0!
    This should've been out sooner honestly, but issues keep popping up and I'm overwhelmed with work.

    * Fixed some disguise methods not working
    * setDynamicName now works in more scenarios that should've worked to begin with
    * Adventure text is now shaded in the plugin, making it easier to do custom messages
    * Fixed startups not handling errors properly
    * Added modifyuuid alias to modifyplayer command
    * 1.17 support
    * Bump required...
  4. Released 10.0.25

    Hi hi hi

    Summed up, lots of fixes, translations should now be easier to write and if you want you can do fancy messages with paper using adventure text stuff and so on.
    And added Java 16 support. You shouldn't be on Java 16 though. It's a bad decision by Minecraft 1.17 and FAWE as it is not a long term support release.

    * Fixed /vsd being in the /disguiseviewbar command
    * Fix a minor issue with illegal /reloads
    * Fixed evoker fangs disappearing after disguising
    * Fixed an error when...
  5. Release v10.0.24

    There were some issues in the last release, sorry about that.

    • Fixed score being set async in 1.12 breaking stuff
    • Fixed yaw, pitch and y modifiers not being cloned properly and thus effecting mostly saved disguises
    • Fixed a tablist issue where the wrong names appeared in tab which broke name visibility
    • Empty names are now &r instead of LD_NoName or an empty string, this is for hiding nametags
    • Try to detect more reload scenarios
    • Now tries to redirect users to discord...
  6. Released 10.0.23

    Hi all!

    Read the previous changelog if you didn't already, this is just a hotfix.

    This fixes compatibility with 1.12, and adds 'log' as an aliases to /ld logs
  7. Released v10.0.22

    This update is mostly due a sudden surge of a configuration exception being removed from some servers, which makes an error.

    Two big changes!

    The first is that the configuration system is converted over to its own folder and separated into multiple files. This cannot be converted back to the old system, and instead you'll need to manually copy all the text into a single file again.

    The second is that you can now customize commands including their name, permission, aliases, etc.

    • ...
  8. Released 10.0.21

    Hi! This update fixes several issues and now has a "better" ProtocolLib enabling functionality. In that it downloads the plugin if not found, or updates it if its outdated a lot.

    • Console now notes how many saved disguises were saved
    • Particle, Falling block and itemstack serialization are now handled correctly
    • Disguised dogs are now sittable with some hackyness
    • Fixed a damage sound issue for non-living disguised
    • Bounding boxes can now be modified unsafely for the rare...
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  9. Release 10.0.20

    Hey all
    This update is a bit soon, but a recent change in the latest versions of Spigot breaks the older versions.

    • Fixed /ld logs
    • Fixed a build error
    • Added ability to enable self disguises, but have it off by default
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  10. Released v10.0.19

    Hello again, it's that time for another release!

    The changelogs are always bigger than I thought they would be.
    The main appeal I have for this update is spamming update protocollib messages.
    If your disguises work fine, you have nothing to worry about. 1.16 users though..

    • Newlines are no longer saved improperly to the custom disguises file
    • No longer sends unneeded custom name packet changes on a disguise
    • Did some bug correctin for multi-line names
    • Did a fix for player...
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