Lib's Hungergames 5.7.22

The continuation of Lib's Hungergames

  1. libraryaddict
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9

    This plugin has been abandoned

    Just a quick caution as some people seem to misunderstand. This is supposed to be run in a server of its own.

    Free downloads are also available on github.
    However, please buy it to respect the work libraryaddict and I have put into this. You get proirity support if you buy the plugin.

    I maintain this plugin now that libraryaddict works for mineplex, but much of his code remains.


    • Fully Configurable Feasts
    • Over 18 fully customizable kits
    • Automatic restarting and world clearing
    • UUID Support
    • buykit icon menu
    • Statistics
      • Stats command
      • Top stats command
    • Stores when kits were purchased
    • Death messages customized for your server
    • Border particles and blocks
    • Maps configurably contract while the game is running
    • Spectators
      • Spectators can view players inventories
      • Spectators are completely invisible and don't bother players
    • Java 8
    • ProtocolLib (Optional)
      • Used for Skinner, Pussy, and Zombifier

    Important Links

    • Jenkins - Development Builds
      • Access to the jenkins is unrestricted, but please don't download it if you haven't purchased it
    • Github Issues - Bug reports
    • IRC (#techcable on spigot irc )- Get speedy live support
      • I may not always be there, but others may be able to assist
    • Github - Source Code
    • Donations - Give me love :D

    Basic Game
    1. You join a game, you selecting a kit by either using the fancy kit selector or using the command /kit.
      • Kits can be competely disabled and are customizable
      • The server owner can modify it to create a unique experience
    2. The game starts and you gain 2 minutes of invinciblily
    3. 15 minutes later a feast occurs and fighiting breaks out
      • The server owner has modified the feast to remove all armor, and replaced it with potions
      • Thanks to the configurable nature of the plugin, this encourages more fighting and a unique experience.
    4. Later, the borders of the map begin to contract
      • This forces players to the middle of the map, where they will fight
    time: Displays time till game starts or how long it has been
    players: Displays how many spectators and players. Along with alive players names
    forcestart: Allows people with the permission 'hungergames.forcestart' to change the time till the game starts. Don't supply a time to start the game immediately
    forcefeast: Allows people with the permission 'hungergames.forcefeast' to generate a feast. Supply arguments to give a feast size, and chest layers.
    forcetime: Allows people with the permission 'hungergames.forcetime' to change the time.
    build: Allows you to do things you normally shouldn't be able to do. Such as build while spectating. Permission is ''
    goto: Allows players which are not alive to teleport to other players
    kit: Allows you to pick a kit
    kitinfo: Allows you to get information about a kit
    kititems: Allows you to see the items included in a kit
    track: Allows kit tracker to lock on to a player
    feast: Fixes your compass on the feast
    chunk/stuck: Reloads your chunks if you are glitching
    kill: Admin command to kill people
    suicide: Command to suicide yourself
    invis: Admin command to look at invisible people. Mostly debugging in my case
    ride: Command to toggle the ability for non-alive people to right click and ride animals and players
    creator: Displays my name :D
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Recent Updates

  1. Add backwards compatibility with 1.8
  2. Update to 1.9
  3. Released 5.6.3

Recent Reviews

  1. aianmoo16
    Version: 5.7.22
    As said by Cowgod below, there is no support for this plugin, and lots of servers use it and players like it! Don't buy. I pray that LibraryAddict comes back to this plugin one day.
  2. cowgod
    Version: 5.7.22
    I have been contemplating whether or not to leave a review for this plugin for months, in the hopes that the new developer who took over the plugin would come to our rescue. While Techcable is a heck of a nice guy and seems to be a competent developer, this plugin is not on his radar. He has no ambition to fix the game breaking bugs that this plugin has on 1.8+ servers (older versions of the plugin still work perfectly fine on Spigot 1.7.10). I have talked to him many, many times on IRC, asking, begging, even offering money, to get these bugs fixed. He just doesn't care. LibsHungergames and the sister plugin LibsMcpvp are extremely popular and reliable plugins that we have used on our server network for almost 4 years, but the bugs with name change support and spectating introduced in Spigot 1.8+ are a show stopper. I cannot in good conscience recommend that anyone purchase this plugin, because you will not get any support whatsoever.
  3. MisterSanglad
    Version: 5.7.0
    Thanks for your work and update the plugin ! If you could update Lib's MCPvP too that would be perfect ! :D
  4. red0fireus
    Version: 5.7.0
    Yes! this plugin is not inactive anymore.. I have been waiting forever just to see a bug fix.. I'm glad to see a fix came out for 1.9! :D
    1. libraryaddict
      Author's Response
      Thanks, I appreciate it
  5. GameplayerHD
    Version: 5.6.3
    Great plugin! :D
  6. rippin
    Version: 5.6.3
    Good plugin.
  7. KevinEssence
    Version: 5.6.3
    Great plugin, we used it for quite some time now.
  8. malachiel
    Version: 5.6.3
    Great plugin hope that it will be continued!
  9. remymine
    Version: 5.6.3
    Been using this for a while now. Great plugin!
  10. runefist
    Version: 5.6.3
    Best HungerGames plugin outta here, also a nice community for this plugin :D