Lib's Hungergames 5.2.6

A hungergames to destroy all other hungergames

  1. libraryaddict
    This plugin is now released here
    No more updates will be released for the free version.

    Please move all discussion of the plugin

    Lib's Hungergames

    Caution! This plugin deletes the main world by default everytime the server starts!

    This is a hungergames plugin which is 99% coded by me.

    The remaining 1% is from Shotbow Network

    A basic game is.

    You join a game, you select a kit by either using the fancy kit selector or using the command /kit.

    Perhaps you may even disable kits completely!

    Or make your own kits!

    The game has started! You have 2 minutes of invincibility until you can all die! But wait! You picked a kit!

    Did you get a sword already? Maybe you can get boosts if you perform certain actions!

    Better read up on that kit information!

    So you could either hide away and start gathering resources, or you could go on a killing spree!

    15 minutes in there's a feast announced! Oh goody!

    The feast has generated a platform where the chests will appear in 5 minutes.

    Time to run to the feast! After 5 minutes the feast generates the chests and you can now loot them!

    Inside the chests are goodies such as diamond gear, potions, food and more!

    After this the border starts to close in. This forces everyone to the center of the map where they fight or perish.

    Will you be the last man standing?

    Sounds great! What else?

    There are some settings in the config. And you are able to make your own kits. As well as hook into the Hungergames system api which should be fairly simple.

    There's also a translation config for you to change the messages!

    I would appreciate it if code from this was not ripped off. But again. We all know that's impossible to prevent.

    Chameleon, Pussy and Zombifier kits depend on Lib's Disguises which depends on ProtocolLib

    There's a spectator inventory for those who fell in battle and whatnot!

    If you want to have custom terrain where oceans are removed, mushroom biomes are not covered in water and diamond ore has been removed as well as iron ore doubled!

    Then download TerrainControl and setup it and use this for the configs

    Check this plugin on Shotbow Network.

    They are running a modified version of the plugin however.

    Such as different kit names.

    And different kits completely.

    And they can be behind in plugin updates.

    Unique Features

    My own take on their kits.

    A attempt to balance and keep them balanced.

    Feast generation is very smart.

    Feast also has a surprise inside it..

    Attempts to keep this whole plugin as lag free as I can.

    No need for world deletion. This plugin automagically deletes the world on startup.

    This plugin shuts down my server!

    Yes. Thats intended. Its done for several reasons including so I can delete the main world.

    Also it helps eliminate lag.

    If you look around you should be able to find out how to get the server automagically starting up again.


    time: Displays time till game starts or how long it has been
    players: Displays how many spectators and players. Along with alive players names
    forcestart: Allows people with the permission 'hungergames.forcestart' to change the time till the game starts. Don't supply a time to start the game immediately
    forcefeast: Allows people with the permission 'hungergames.forcefeast' to generate a feast. Supply arguments to give a feast size, and chest layers.
    forcetime: Allows people with the permission 'hungergames.forcetime' to change the time.
    build: Allows you to do things you normally shouldn't be able to do. Such as build while spectating. Permission is ''
    goto: Allows players which are not alive to teleport to other players
    kit: Allows you to pick a kit
    kitinfo: Allows you to get information about a kit
    kititems: Allows you to see the items included in a kit
    track: Allows kit tracker to lock on to a player
    feast: Fixes your compass on the feast
    chunk/stuck: Reloads your chunks if you are glitching
    kill: Admin command to kill people
    suicide: Command to suicide yourself
    invis: Admin command to look at invisible people. Mostly debugging in my case
    ride: Command to toggle the ability for non-alive people to right click and ride animals and players
    creator: Displays my name :D

    Some further notes

    You may want to change the server build height limit in to 128 to prevent towerers from winning the game.

    Also if you want custom generation. Look at Terrain Control to remove diamond ore, remove oceans and change the level of the swamp biome to something higher so its a proper land area. It has a side effect of increasing the mushrooms in the swamps.

    Want to know how long it took to make this plugin? 2 days

    It wasn't refined however. Just playable. As in the bare minimum of this plugin.

    This plugin was originally coded for use in Shotbow Games, but then Shotbow didn't mind me releasing it to you guys as well :D


    Brazilian translation.yml provided by Lucas Formiga


    So you really want to show your support for this plugin..
    That's great! Not only will it encourage me to work on this.
    I will be able to finish my giant sculpture of a t-rex made using hundred dollar bills!


    Mysql and vault

    This plugin uses vault if it can find it to reward winners.
    Mysql is used to store kits. And no. Plans to store it in flatfiles are not in place.

    Just check the config for more options. Things are faily self explanatory.

    What permissions are there? - Lets you use /build to toggle build mode. Used for interacting when you shouldn't
    hungergames.forcestart - Lets you use /fstart to change when the game starts
    hungergames.forcefeast- Lets you use /ffeast to generate a feast
    hungergames.invis - Lets you control invisibility. /invis - I use for debugging.
    hungergames.kill - Lets you force someone to suicide. Or kill. /suicide <player> or /kill <player>
    hungergames.spectate - Allow you to spectate even if spectators are turned off
    hungergames.update - Anyone with this permission will see if there is a update available if its enabled in the config

    Kits by default are free. But if you go into kits.yml and turn the 'Free' for a kit to false. Then its no longer free

    Whats the kits permissions!


    So if the kit is called 'Berserker'

    hungergames.kit.berserker would be the permission name!

    But what if the kit has a space in the name?

    Simple! The kit permission also has a underscore!

    So 'War lord'

    would become 'hungergames.kit.war_lord'!

    I want to see your. er. source. For er. Non-commercial reasons!

    I believe you...
    Here's hoping you don't try to take the code to moneypolize it.

    Any plugins I can use that hook into this?

    Well currently there's only two.

    LibsHungergames, MCPVP style - Features MCPVP kits
    Lib's Shop - A shop system players can use to purchase items
    Final Battle Generates a schematic at spawn and teleports everyone there for a final fight

    I found a bug! I have a suggestion!

    That's great! Feel free to post it in the discussion and when I get time, I'll be sure to read it!

    But make sure you are running the latest Hungergames! And be sure to read the submitted tickets before posting a duplicate!

    Lastly. I reserve the complete right to add/remove features as I please.
    Just because its a idea many people want, doesn't mean its a idea I support.
    That's what addon plugins are for.

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    make it free again because this version doesn't even work for me i have tried it on several different versions.
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    Very good plugin
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    Version: 5.2.6
    The Mechanics, They are just PERFECTION, It would be nice to get the source code, Not to copy, but to modify some messages for my server. If you would like to talk, I am willing to pay. I just really need a unique server, I would keep your name as the original author, And would not rename the plugin, If your willing to share, please pm me. or email [email protected]
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    Version: 5.2.5
    This is by far the best hunger games plugin..

    Why was it abandoned? Do you not want to recode for UUID's? Those screwed developers.
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    Version: 5.1.6
    Astounding. Amazing.
    Provides almost everything i need for hungergames.

    If it dont got it, i code it! Simples :).

    But currently only coded iron blocks in the ground.
    Oh and of course to stop the world being a sea of water.. :3

    Anyway, yeah, awesome, brilliant, couldn't wish for a better plugin.
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    Version: 5.1.6
  8. mrsers
    Version: 4.7.3
    libraryaddict's plugins are all of them great and so is this plugin he has created. It's inredible easy to use and currently I'm using it on several servers with 20+ players on each everyday (some here: Very few time I've heard anyone on the servers complain and if there has been any problems there have always been ways to resolve it easily.
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    There is a relevant plugin to this resource called "The Bukkit Games" which was created before this was but this resource is a lot better than "The Bukkit Games"
    Awesome work, keep it up!