Lib's Hungergames 5.2.6

A hungergames to destroy all other hungergames

  1. Re-uploaded 5.2.6

    Accidentally uploaded the latest awesome paid version of Lib's Hungergames to the free version of Lib's Hungergames.
    Removed the awesome version and reuploaded this old outdated version as this is the free version.
  2. Opps..

    Empty file. Don't bother downloading
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  3. Released 5.2.6

    • Plugin now has the update checking pointed at the paid version
    • Fixed a scoreboard error
  4. Released 5.2.5

    Added error when registering command
    Added support for command registering for addons
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  5. Released 5.2.4

    • Added config option to turn off using own world
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  6. Released 5.2.3

    • Added ability to change how much damage the border deals
    • Fixed the plugin thinking the max health of a player is 20
    • Fully updated the commands manager to 1.7
    • Stripped color codes from kit names for permissions (Fixes a problem people had)
    • Disabled world saving and saved the world once its generated to try solve any lag issues.
    • The plugin now loads up its own world instead of deleting the default world to prevent people who didn't notice the "WORLD WILL BE DELETED"...
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  7. Released 5.2.2

    • Fixed feast items in config not being loaded
    • Fixed some messages assuming the player is male
    • Fixed feast generation issue
    • Fixed void and invincibility resulting in a long fall
    • No longer loads the last used map
    • Recoded the border checking code
    • Server waits 3 seconds before shutting down the server after it runs the commands
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  8. Released 5.2.1

    • Changed the spawns config so it only demands x y and z. And not in a certain case. Also added yawn and pitch.
    • Added options so it can act like a SG.
    • Added error for spawning outside the border
    • Fixed null messages when using /me
    • Fixed kits being buyable when costing 0 coins
    • Fixed a platform generation bug
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  9. Released 5.2

    • Fixed the border size going below 0
    • Fixed the rounded border not always killing you
    • Fixed kits still being buyable if price is below 0
    • Fixed feast generation not on top of water
    • Fixed wrong version greeting
    • Fixed minor memory leak
    • Fixed some kits having bad icons
    • Fixed the wrong config names for force spawn x and z
    • Fixed feast icon in spectator menu crashing 1.7 clients
    • Delayed the scoreboard a tick to try fix a error for invalid craftplayer.
  10. Released 5.1.7

    • Fixed turning off pillars not working
    • Fixed chunk loading of chests not working properly
    • Added ability to sort kits by if you own it and if you don't (Someone says its not working however)
    • Changed death message to use %Kit% and %Player% instead of %s to fix a error. Still supports the old method.
    • Added command kitmenu