Lib's Shop 1.5.2

Provides a shop people may access ingame to purchase items

  1. libraryaddict
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    What is this plugin?

    You use /shop and a shop menu pops up.
    You buy the items by clicking on them.

    In the config you can setup your own layout for the shop.

    You can treat the shop like a normal inventory. Shift clicking and so on. The exception is that you cannot actually stick your own items into the shop..

    It still charges you!
    This plugin can also hook into LibsHungergames
    And it uses Vault!

    If using LibsHungergames.
    The shop is usable once the game has started and if you are not spectating.

    You can change this in the config to allow people to 'Sponsor' or buy items pregame.

    Whats the permissions?

    hungergames.useshop - You need this in order to have people able to use the shop.
    Alternately turn 'EveryoneUseShop' to true in the config to have everyone able to use it.

    Can I have a image?

    Sure! It looks ugly. But I'm not the one setting up your server

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