LibSequence 1.9

Run a set of actions after time. Extendable scripting language. API and as standalone-plugin.

  1. Kirastur
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Lib Sequence is designed to run a sequence of actions with predefined waits between each step.

    • Support placeholders (local placeholders and PlaceholderAPI)
    • Can resolve chains (Player => Button => CommandBlock => Sequence) to detect the correct initiator
    • Actions can be applied to a set of players (e.g. sending a message)
    • Support multiple languages to print messages to each player in his own language
    • Custom checks to abort a sequence if a predefined condition is not fulfilled (e.g. the player is outside a WorldGuard region)
    • A lot of integration hooks, e.g. for custom actions, custom checks, custom chain resolver, custom player sets ...
    • Permission System and Security Token to control sequence execution
    • Integrated Directory to share sequences between plugins
    • Detailed documentation as Github Wiki


    Code (Text):

            action: broadcast
            message: Sequence is started by %PLAYER%
            wait-after-action: 10

            action: broadcast
            message: Second notification 10 Seconds later

            action: command
            command: time set noon

    How to use
    There are three ways you can use the LibSequence:
    1. Start a sequence using normal minecraft commands
    2. Use the API to start a sequence from your custom plugin
    3. Instanciate the java object to customize the LibSequence code itself

    Custom Actions
    Furthermore you can define you own actions and provide them for use by other plugins.

    Your first step
    Together with the plugin default config you receive an example sequence called "demo". Simple run "/sequence start demo" from the console. If this command should be executed by a player, you must give him the permissions "libsequence.command.start" and "libsequence.sequence.demo" first.

    Please see our Github Wiki at

    For support please contact us as discord