LightAPI 3.2.9

Bukkit library for create invisible light source

  1. 3.2.9-dev

    * various fixes
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  2. 3.2.8-dev

    * perhaps, fixes random crashes
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  3. 3.2.7

    - Support Spigot 1.14
    - There are some bugs with the new lighting engine. For example, when you remove a light source, other light sources that are in close proximity may also be removed.
    - Removed Herobrine from strange sauce code
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  4. 3.2.6

    - Removed async requesting and supporting for the following versions: 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11
    - Removed Herobrine
  5. LightAPI now is inactive

    The new year 2018 has come. I have long lost interest in minecraft and started working on mobile devices on the platform android, so I declare this resource inactive. Source code was and will be open. The thread and resource will not be deleted. If you want to get the latest working version, go to fork resource. More info in resource thread in spigot forum. GL & HF.

    P.S. Jar file is not tested. I just quickly...
  6. 3.2.4

    - Update Spigot to 1.11
  7. 3.2.3

    - Fixes for events (events could not be cancelled)
    - Moved BungeeChatAPI checker method
  8. 3.2.2

    - fix issue error with CraftBukkit builds

    *Plugin goes into "archive" status. Major updates are not planned for future (I hope). Will go out minor updates for fixes and additions of new versions of Spigot.
  9. 3.2.1

    - Add command code for console
    - I hope this will be the last update associated with the API
  10. 3.2.0

    from: GitHub commits
    - Bump version (according with Semantic versioning)
    - Updater: add info about repository
    - Updater: add view changelog option
    - Smm: remove unused code
    - Cmd: add server name information
    - LightAPI: add commands
    - Add license header
    - Cmd: init commands
    Full changelog
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