LightMOTD 0.1.3

An extremely lightweight plugin to send users a MOTD (Message Of The Day) upon joining

  1. Kliu0105
    This is a very basic version of the plugin, expect more development over time. Expect bugs.
    If there are any issues, feel free to discuss them. I will try to get them fixed.

    What it does is simple: Send a message to players upon joining.
    You can change it in the config.yml.

    motd: <string>
    Change what message players receive upon joining.

    1) Download
    2) Extract files
    3) Insert LightMOTD.jar into your server's plugins directory
    4) Insert the directory LightMOTD into your server's plugins directory
    5) Change the config.yml to your liking
    6) Restart your server

    To make your MOTD have more than one line:

    motd: |
    this is my first line
    This is the second
    And so forth...

    (NOTE: There are two spaces before each line except the first one.)

    Add support for colors (Yeah, I know, it's the bare minimum right now)
    Add /motd command
    Add /lightmotd reload command [DONE]
    Make way to change message from ingame
    And much more coming soon...

Recent Updates

  1. 4/9/15
  2. Minor update

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      Thanks for downloading. :D