Lightning on Login 0.2

Strikes lightning at the location of users with a specific permission node.

  1. maldahleh

    With the recent changes in the EULA to only allow purely cosmetic items, this plugin provides a fun feature which can be given to donators as a cosmetic item. This plugin allows you to give users a specific permission node, and when a user with the permission node logs in, a lightning bolt strikes the user's login location.


    - Lightning hits users with a certain permission node on login, which is a EULA friendly donator perk.
    - Prevents Lightning from causing a fire, or doing damage to entities or players it hits.
    - Under 50 lines of code, providing a lightweight plugin which gets the job done that is unlikely to break with future Minecraft updates.


    <None, this plugin has no commands>


    - lightningonlogin.strike -- Users with this permission node are hit by lightning on login.

    Feature Requests:

    This plugin is very light weight as it only consists of the login listener and the main class, I do not plan on expanding it much in the future as I plan on leaving it as lightweight as possible. If you have any specific feature requests, feel free to send me a PM or leave a reply in the Discussion section.

    Reporting Bugs:

    If you find a bug with this plugin, please send me a PM or reply in the discussion section with an error log in pastebin, as well as the server jar [Ex. Spigot, Bukkit] and version you are running of the jar [Ex. 1.7.9]. This plugin is tested for the most part and errors/bugs should rarely occur.

    If you like this plugin, please leave a review on the plugin page.

Recent Updates

  1. Performance Improvement and Bug Fix

Recent Reviews

  1. Matureblood66
    Version: 0.2
    its awesome, really looks cool when people pop in...............................
  2. hdakhilz
    Version: 0.2
    Works great! I love it, I see servers that have something like this but when they get banned can you make one for leaving or getting banned idk?
  3. rtribe13
    Version: 0.2
    Works great! Nice cosmetic benefit!