LightningOnJoin 1.0

Announce when a player is online, in a special way!

  1. MrGhettoCraft
    This Plugin is great for the EULA, since this doesn't give players an advantage.

    Lightning On Join is a very light weight plugin. It has 2 main functions:

    • Lightning
    • Sounds
    And these functions occur when a player joins.

    How to
    1. Download LightningOnJoin
    2. Place it in your /Plugin/ folder
    3. Start the server
    4. Change the Config located in the folder(/Plugins/Lightning/) according to your likings.
    5. Enjoy!
    This plugin could be used for many things,

    • Informing when a VIP has joined
    • or just a cool change to the masic login.
    Up Coming/ PlannedFeatures
    • Lightning to Specific Perm-Done
    • Lightning default to OP's-Done
    • Add a message for those who don't have permission to donate-Done
    • Lightning to anyone in the Config-Soon to be Implemented
    • Customization of how many strikes of lightning-Done
    • Sounds Play with permission-Done
    Permission Nodes
    • lightning.strike - Strikes lightning at the players when they join.
    • lightning.sound - Plays music when they join.
    Please report any and all bugs in the ticket section above, or leave a comment. Remember to post all error messages so I may help to my fullest extent

Recent Reviews

  1. InvertedTNT
    Version: 1.0
    Extremely helpful. I use for whenever my highest donator rank joins. Thanks for making this! But my players always complain how they hear a lightning sound every few minutes. But that's how grateful I am towards my donors!