Lightweight Double Jump 0.1.3

A light weight plugin that allows you to double jump

  1. RictAcius
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    The combination for double jump is
    -> Jump + Sneak

    Please do not give this plugin a 1 star if you discover a bug, instead report it via discord here.

    Lightweight Double Jump is a plugin that allows you to double jump, it's that simple.
    You can configure where and when a player can double jump, and the plugin includes the following features:
    1. Set the cool down between each double jump.
    2. Set whether a player can jump on combat
    3. Set how long after combat a player can double jump
    4. Enable/Disable double jumping
    5. Set the delay between the first jump and the second.
    6. Configure messages sent to the player
    7. Disable double jump in specific world guard regions
    8. Disable double jump in specific faction territories.
    Have fun and don't forget to report and bugs that you may find!

Recent Updates

  1. Switched download to new website