Likeaboss 1.2.8

Allows powerful monsters to occasionally spawn in the wild

  1. bm01
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12

    This plugin allows the creation of powerful monsters that spawn naturally in your world(s).

    Health and damage can be configured, as well as loot tables and equipment for entities that support them. Various unique abilities can also be given to them (more details below).

    Minor features include:
    • A very simple leaderboard,
    • A command allowing the user to spawn bosses manually,
    • A command allowing the user to not be affected by bosses and play like if the mod wasn't installed,
    • A notification in the chat for players approaching and / or attacking a boss,
    • An optional flaming effect surrounding them as well as a custom text above their heads to make them easily distinguishable,
    • An "anti-grind" algorithm preventing players from being rewarded for killing a lot of bosses in a short amount of time and without effort,
    • Default configuration files (non world destructive) allowing you to experience what this plugin has to offer without all the hassle that usually come with a plugin installation...


    This file controls global values that doesn't fit in other files; such as commands parameters, messages, state of the anti-grinding protection, spawning system parameters, internal task intervals.
    Explanations and example:

    This is where you create equipment for your bosses. When you create an equipment you have to provide an identifier that will be used by other config files, a type (helmet, chestplate, leggings, boots or weapon) and a material type. You also have the possibility to set a name, a lore text, a drop chance and multiple enchantments.
    Explanations and example:
    Valid material types:
    Valid enchantments:

    This one allows you to create different abilities for your bosses. When you create an ability you have to provide an identifier that will be used by other config files, an ability type and various parameters that depends on it. The default file contains all available abilities with their needed parameters.
    Explanations, example and abilities list:

    This config file allows you to create different bosses. When you create a boss, you have to provide a name that will be used in game and in other config files, and an entity type. You can assign any created ability and equipment to any boss. You can also specify an assignation chance for each of the equipments and abilities. Bosses can also have their own drop table (cumulative with world drop tables) and immunities.
    Explanations and example:
    Valid entity types:
    Valid material types:

    World files are generated only if the previous ones aren't, but you can create them yourself manually. This is where you add bosses to a world. You can also add some global abilities, immunities and drops that will be added to the drop table of all bosses of this world.
    Explanations and example:
    Valid material types:
    Valid enchantments:

    The spawning system

    At a regular interval (1), for each world, a certain number of blocks (2) contained in the currently loaded chunks are selected.

    For each selected block, all bosses that can spawn on this world are evaluated in a random order. If a boss is spawned, the system jumps to the next block and check all bosses again (in another random order).

    Spawning fails if the block doesn't meet some criteria, such as amount of light, height and set base probability for each boss (3). It also fails if there isn't any player between 32 and 128 blocks away from the chosen block.

    (1) Task.SpawnBoss.Interval in Config.yml.
    Increasing it makes bosses spawn less often.

    (2) The formula is simply "A / B", where "A" is the amount of loaded chunks in the current world, and "B" the Task.SpawnBoss.LoadedChunksPerBlockCheck parameter in Config.yml.
    Increasing it makes bosses spawn less often.
    Setting it to 1 would mean that the amount of checked blocks would be equal to the amount of loaded chunks.

    (3) Stored in Bosses.yml.

    Creating your own boss, quick start guide

    In the default config files, bosses have generic names and both their abilities and equipments are assigned randomly.

    Let's say that instead you want to create a real and unique boss. Since this is your first time modifying those files, I strongly suggest opening example configuration files (linked above). Also, if something doesn't work, be sure to check your logs; YAML is quite strict on the indentation and I've added various checks to help you in case of incorrect parameters.

    Generally, you'll want to start with equipements.yml and prepare all relevant pieces of equipment for the boss you want to create. However note that not all entities support equipment, for example Zombies and Skeletons do but not Ghasts. Give them an unique ID, a valid slot, a valid material type and a drop chance (enchantments, name and lore are optional).

    Then open abilities.yml and adjust any ability you want. You can also create your own variants. Give them an unique ID and a valid type. Each abilities have different parameters and you'll have to look at the default or example configuration file (linked above) to know which ones are correct / needed.

    Now that you have the equipment and abilities ready, it's time to actually create your boss. Open bosses.yml and add a unique name. Under that name you'll have to put a valid base entity type, spawn values (used by the spawning system explained in another section of this page) and stats. Equipment and abilities created previously will be assigned here too, use the same names (IDs) you've used. You can also give it various immunities and an unique loot table (as always, see the example configuration file).

    Your boss is now created but it won't spawn anywhere until you add it to a world configuration file ("worldname".yml). Open one of them (create one if necessary) and add your boss name to the list. While you're in there, be sure to remove all global abilities, immunities and loot table if you don't want your boss to use them; since they're global, they would effectively be added to your boss base abilities, immunities and loot table.

    Now go in game, type /lab reload if your server was running, check the logs for any error, and finally spawn your boss with /lab spawn [name].

    Permissions and commands

    Gives all /lab commands and permissions.

    /lab help (
    Displays the command list.

    /lab reload (lab.reload)
    Reloads configuration files.

    /lab save (
    Fores the saving of player's data.

    /lab info <clear> (
    Displays some non lasting global information (number of active bosses, number of bosses killed, drops count).

    /lab list (lab.list)
    Displays the location and distance of active bosses.

    /lab stats <player> (lab.stats)
    Displays the leaderboard or a specific player stats.

    /lab viewer (lab.viewer)
    Toggles the viewer state, which allows a player to see boss healths.

    Gives all lab.ignore permissions.

    /lab ignore (lab.ignore)
    Toggles the ignore state, which allows a player to not be affected by bosses (they turn into normal monsters upon contact).

    Allows a player to bypass the command delay.

    /lab spawn [boss] <amount> (lab.spawn)
    Spawns one or multiple bosses on the targeted block.

    Last words

    If you like my plugins and want to support their development, here's a donation button. Any amount would be greatly appreciated.

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    USD - EUR​
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    Greetings, the plugin is excelent, I just can't figure out something, and is how to make a boss, drop an item with an specific name and lore? Please help me!
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    Version: 1.2.3
    Great plugin, excellent truth is very funny and entertaining event dugeons, have only one doubt the maximum is 999 hp? or as I can put more hp, I just want to know that.
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    fine fine plugin !
    it is nice to hunting with other players in wilderness for Boss-Mobs,
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    Looting are very fair and not to much in original-files

    thx for this nice Plugin for free

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