Limit Creative 1.7.3

Prevent survival players from using creative items

  1. libraryaddict
    Limit Creative

    Items spawned in creative will be given a lore stating that it was spawned in creative.

    You can then enable/disable config options to change if survival players can use these items.

    A great way for tracking down who has been spawning in items, and preventing them from giving out usable diamonds etc.

    They are unable to attack with them, wear the armor, craft with them, shoot and place the spawned in items.

    Only creative mode users can do this.

    To remove the creative lore. You need the permission limitcreative.clearlore and use the command /clearlore while holding the item.

    Due to stupid minecraft, I'm unable to tell if the item is spawned in or not. So if a creative player clicks on a non-spawned in item in his inventory, it will be marked as spawned.

    Also! Any blocks marked as creative spawned, will not be usable with pistons.
    This is due to a weird minecraft bug where piston events fires more than once sometimes. Which would bug out my code.

    If you are updating from a non-mysql version and wish to convert your file. And you have mysql setup.
    Use /limitcreativeconvert

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  1. Released 1.7.3
  2. Released 1.7.2
  3. Released 1.7.1

Recent Reviews

  1. Zenya4
    Version: 1.7.3
    This is genuinely a good plugin. It is unfortunate that the author has abandoned it.

    However, I am now providing a maintained version (1.13 & 1.14) which can be found at

    If the author would like to claim this plugin back, I'll be more than willing to return it :)
  2. DipKode
    Version: 1.7.3
    Id a good plugin please update to 1.8 and 1.12 and fix bugs please nice job ! :)
  3. JustAngel
    Version: 1.7.3
    There are some little quirks as the Dev explained, but those you just kind of have to work around. If you have a spawned in item in your inventory and you're in creative mode, switch to survival before touching it and you'll be fine. If you do vote parties, the chests might glitch out if you place them while in creative mode - so don't do that.

    But all in all it's prevented players from using glitches and bringing blocks in to Survival from our Creative world and keeps certain "iffy" staff from using their creative mode perms in an unethical way. I'm definitely going to be installing it and crossing fingers that it will work when we update to 1.10
    1. libraryaddict
      Author's Response
      Even if it breaks, I consider this plugin abandoned.
  4. RazvanRo13
    Version: 1.7.3
    Is good and solve almost every problem with people that give players items but /give work for them without get that lore+ you can make a version for 1.9.4?
  5. Martijnie
    Version: 1.7.3
    Great plugin, thanks to it I'm able to tell if items are legit or spawned in by moderators (and which moderator)
  6. dvargas135
    Version: 1.7.3
    Please fix the /sell bug and add a permission to bypass it, not default to op
  7. luka9x
    Version: 1.7.3
    What mipastu said and items can be sold using /sell (essentials). But anyways ... Awesome idea, nice and simple plugin, just needs few tweaks.
  8. mipastu
    Version: 1.7.3
    BUG: if someone gives creative player diamond block, He can duplicate it by placing it in the ground many times as possible.
  9. dutchrasta
    Version: 1.7.3
    im happy
  10. sync667
    Version: 1.7.3