LimitCrafting [Updated 1.18.2] (Disable Crafting Recipes) 5.2

Prevent players from crafting configurable recipes within Minecraft

  1. Updated LimitCrafting for Minecraft 1.17.1

    Updated LimitCrafting for Minecraft 1.17.1

    Enjoy :)
  2. LimitCrafting 5.1: Disable recipes for specific players using group permissions!

    Added group permissions for more creative freedom. You can now disable recipes for specific players and groups using this feature! Use limitcrafting.groups.<group-name>, where the group name and corresponding denied recipes is defined in your config.yml.

    Added command alias: /lc for /limitcrafting reload
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  3. LimitCrafting 5.0 updated for 1.16.5

    Updated LimitCrafting to support the latest 1.16.5 update. I have also made some extra messages configurable for those that love a universal plugin message theme.
  4. Added %item% variable

    Added %item% variable in message configuration.
  5. Added reload command

    Use /limitcrafting reload in order to reload the configuration.
    You will need the limitcrafting.reload permission.
  6. Added configurable option to block all items

    Added configurable option to block all items.
  7. Fixed up permission logic

    Fixed up permission logic. User's who now have the limitcrafting.bypass permission will be allowed to craft any recipes regardless if they're defined in the config.yml
  8. Added support for item types

    Added support for item data types.
  9. Added Configurable items to block

    Added configurable item's to block. You must use the enum constant name that is associated to the material.

    For example, to block crafting of a stone axe, you would use "STONE_AXE".