LimitCreative Reloaded 1.8.7

Prevent survival players from using creative items

  1. Zenya4
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Source Code:
    libraryaddict, Zenya4
    The original resource was abandoned by its author. Zenya4 is simply maintaining the plugin, and in no way owns the plugin or its source code.

    Limit Creative
    Items spawned in creative will be given a lore stating that it was spawned in creative. You can then enable/disable config options to change if survival players can use these items. This is a great way for tracking down who has been spawning in items, and preventing them from giving out usable diamonds etc.

    Please delete your config.yml file and allow it to regenerate after every update. This is to allow the new options to be added into the file. I'll be working on an automatic config updater soon so stay tuned!

    They are unable to attack with them, wear the armor, craft with them, shoot and place the spawned in items. Only creative mode users can do this.

    Any blocks marked as creative spawned, will not be usable with pistons. This is due to a weird Minecraft bug where piston events fire more than once sometimes, which can cause bugs.

    /clearlore - Remove creative lore
    /limitcreativeconvert - Convert from SQLite database to MySQL


    limitcreative.clearlore - /clearlore command
    limitcreative.convert - /limitcreativeconvert command
    limitcreative.nolore - Allow player to bypass plugin and not have spawn creative lores
    limitcreative.bypasscmd - Allow player to bypass plugin and use disabled commands in creative mode
    limitcreative.pickupitem - Allow player to bypass plugin pickup items dropped in creative mode

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Recent Updates

  1. Compatibility fixes
  2. Config update
  3. 1.15.x Compatibility

Recent Reviews

  1. rangewonk
    Version: 1.8.2
    Plugin works pretty well, one issue we have is that the permission limitcreative.nolore does not work, this means that even opped players & any other players you give this bypass permission to still get the lore added to their spawned items.
    1. Zenya4
      Author's Response
      Hello rangewonk, thanks for reporting this issue. I've just fixed it in the latest update.