LimitCreative Reloaded 1.10.0

Prevent survival players from using creative items

  1. 1.10.0 - Spigot 1.17 compatibility

    - Added 1.17 support
    - Added cross-compatibility material support
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  2. 1.9.0 - General code cleanup & bug fixes

    - Migrated project to Maven
    - Fixed permission node "limitcreative.nolore" not working for placed blocks
  3. 1.16.x Support

    Added support for Minecraft 1.16.x
  4. Bug fixes

    - Fixed bug where creative-mode-placed blocks exploded by withers do not drop with lore
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  5. Locale update

    - Added more command locale options in config.yml
  6. Bug fixes + Locale

    - Fixed bug where players cannot not type disallowed commands in survival mode
    - Added locale for more plugin messages in config.yml
  7. Compatibility fixes

    Fixed plugin sometimes not working for versions 1.13.x - 1.14.x
  8. Config update

    - Cleaned up config
    - Added option in config to disable dropping creative-lored items

    This version requires that you reset your config for the new options to be added
  9. 1.15.x Compatibility

    Added support for 1.13.x to 1.15.x
  10. Disable commands in Creative mode

    This update adds an option in the config to disable certain commands when in Creative mode. You are required to reset your config.yml if you wish to have these new options inside