Limited Creative 2.3-beta-r154

prevents any way of creative player to pass items to survival-mode

  1. Possible
    Scenario: You're starting your first survival server, just finished the spawn, the first players join and one asks: "hey sup, g1v3 me cr3at1v3. i made u teh imba *whatever*-building". Well, if you really decide to say okay to that, 5 minutes later, that players has stacks of diamondblocks, -armor and -tools in there bags. Next step? Reset your world and completely start over, which is neverfun!
    But Limited Creative is here to save you.

    So how does Limited Creative prevents players from abusing creative-mode within your world:

    • Switching back to survival? previous survival-inventory restored
    • Trying to put items in a chest? denied
    • Trying to drop something on the ground or hopper? denied
    • Trying to put items into storage-carts or sell to villagers or similar? denied
    • Using commands not intended for creative players? denied
    • Using economy to sell for plugins? denied
    • Wants to go anywhere in creative mode? denied
    • Trying to place expensive blocks somewhere? allowed, for sure, that's what creative is for, but the block won't drop anything if destroyed in survival!
    The restrictions aren't only for restricted players. I also like to have some of them as the owner. For example separated inventories: No need to rearrange your quick-bar after switching back to survival mode. No more bother because you thrown away a stack of grilled steaks for a single wool-block on switching back ;)
    Or building a minecart track as op. While breaking blocks often carts, rails torches, redstone and much more fall to ground... no longer! LC prevents all that drops, or just removes them when you walk over.

    For Documentation and more see Bukkit-Page

Recent Reviews

  1. Kshitij
    Version: 2.3-beta-r154
    For everyone who is saying that this project is given up, it was not actually given up. A server owner named AllenCC paid the developer of this plugin for updates, and stuff for his server!
  2. NorbiPeti
    Version: 2.3-beta-r154
  3. Pitas220
    Version: 2.3-beta-r154
    Good plugin but have alot of errors and author not update it!
  4. LuisElGamer123
    Version: 2.3-beta-r154
    You should add a way to edit the messages from there in more everything perfect

    (using google traductor sorry for my english)
  5. Deiutz
    Version: 2.3-beta-r154
    ok plugin but don`t work with elytra (1.12 Version server) maybe you can update the plugin and fix this?
  6. ShaneBee
    Version: 2.3-beta-r154
    This plugin is GREAT for the parts that actually work. I am having major issues with a few things. The developer clearly gave up on this project so nothing is getting fixed. I have abandoned the use of this, since reading the discussion more players are having problems with it, than it actually working.
    It is sad this project was given up on.
  7. aggellos2001
    Version: 2.3-beta-r154
    Ok i found how to prevent the players for mining the creative placed blocks in the config. Awesome plugin! (1.9.4 minecraft)
  8. fusionxx23
    Version: 2.3-beta-r154
    When in creative people can still use the essentials buy signs and sell signs. Any fix for that or how do i fix it
  9. _MR_Blocker
    Version: 2.3-beta-r154
    Awesome plugin, especially when combined with per world inventories.....all it needs is a perm to bypass gmperm group change for certain players! Thx for a awesome plugin all the complainers, its FREE!
  10. Hmmcrunchy
    Version: 2.3-beta-r154
    Brilliant plugin - not that I don't trust my staff but just stops any wheeling and dealing behind the scences