LimitedCreative - Dropped 1.4.2

A lightweight and configurable tool for limiting creative mode.

  1. Adelemphii
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    • 1.16
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    This project has been dropped, contact Adelemphii#6213 on discord if you wish to continue it. I'll hand over the Trello page of planned features/current bugs. (I'll help figure out issues with the current version, and even push bugfixes, however I wont be implementing new features after this point.)

    Safely allow your players to access creative mode without fear of them abusing it. Constantly updated with suggested features and bugfixes.

    /limitedcreative or /lc - give yourself LC (requires limitedcreative)
    /limitedcreative <Target> or /lc <Target> - give others LC (Requires limitedcreative.give)
    /limitedcreative nightvision/nv or /lc nightvision/nv - give yourself nightvision while in LC (requires limitedcreative)
    /limitedcreative reload or /lc reload - reload the config file to update any changes (Requires OP or limitedcreative.admin)

    - Custom blacklisted blocks
    - Custom blacklisted interactables
    - Custom blacklisted entities
    - Custom blacklisted breakables (what blocks cannot be broken by players in LC without the "limitedcreative.admin" permission)
    - Saves inventories between Survival and Creative gamemodes, restores them on crash/disconnect
    - Players in LC are unable to deal damage to entities and players (Toggleable in config.yml using the "player-damage-entities:" option, false by default)
    - Players in LC are distinguished from players that aren't with either a GLOWING effect, or RED leather armor. (This can be changed in the config, it is on GLOWING by default.
    - Nightvision command using /lc nightvision
    - A "gamemode-flycheck" configuration option to turn off the check if a player is flying or not when they change from LC to survival
    - Placeholders for modular error messages when someone in LC tries to break/use/place blocked entities or blocks

    Planned Features:
    I'm looking into the ability to block the creation of certain mobs via multiblock structures (i.e. wither, iron golem). Until then, I recommend blocking key blocks (wither skeleton skull) from being placed.

    - "limitedcreative" - the base permission allowing one to run the /limitedcreative or /lc command. Also allows them to give LC to other players.
    - "limitedcreative.admin" - users with this are given permission to bypass the blacklist for blocks and interactables and give others LC.
    - "limitedcreative.give" - users with this are able to give LC to others who do not have the "limitedcreative" permission.

    Containing 4 options, the config allows you to configure the blocks which are able to be placed, interacted with, and even not allow specific entities to be spawned. Be sure to use exact block names, and to keep the layout shown below. If you're playing on any version before 1.3.0, make sure to add "blacklisted-breakables:" and "player-damage-entities: false" to your config before updating, check the 1.2.0 update thread to understand why: here

    Code (YAML):

    # This turns the whole config file on or off, if "false" none of the blacklists function.
    : true

    # This determines if a player in LC can damage entities or not
    : false

    # Glowing Effect or Armor? true for Glowing, false for Armor
    : false

    # Check if player is flying when LC is disabled
    : true

    # This message is sent when a player tries to break a block which they cannot
    : ""

    # This message is sent when a player tries to interact with a block which they cannot
    : ""

    # This message is sent when a player tries to place an entity which they cannot
    : ""

    # This message is sent when a player tries to place a block which they cannot
    : ""

    # Specify which blocks are able to be placed.
    - diamond_block
    - bedrock
    - spruce_sapling

    #Specify what inventories and blocks can be interacted with (right-clicked)
    - chest
    - furnace
    - trapped_chest

    #Specify what entities can't be spawned through creative mode
    - villager_spawn_egg
    - minecart
    - tnt_minecart

    #Specify what blocks cannot be broken while in LC
    - air
    - netherite_block
    - grass_block
    1. Stop your server.
    2. Download the .jar file and put it into the /plugins folder of your server
    3. Start the server, let it generate files into /plugins/LimitedCreative folder and then shut it down again.
    4. Edit the config.yml file to your liking and save the file.
    5. Start the server and use the plugin!
    Known Bugs:

    Issues & Features:
    - To report a bug, either write an issue report on this repository or send me a DM on Discord @Adelemphii#6213
    - You can also join my Discord for quick support!

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    Version: 1.3.1
    A very useful and essential plugin that is kept maintained constantly by a great developer that makes efforts to fix bugs as they are being discovered and also accepts feature requests by the community.