LimitedCreative - Dropped 1.4.2

A lightweight and configurable tool for limiting creative mode.

  1. Small Update

    Allows you to blacklist entire groups of items such as LOGs, previously you would have to manually add "oak_log", "dark_oak_log", and such. Now you can put "LOG" (Must be all caps) and it'll blacklist every single log in the game.
  2. Bug Fixes + Announcement

    This project has been dropped, contact Adelemphii#6213 on discord if you wish to continue it. I'll hand over the Trello page of planned features/current bugs.

    Update 1.4.1:

    - Fixed a bug where if the player logged off with glowing, they would still have glowing when they reconnected.
    - Fixed a bug where players in OP couldn't bypass the blacklist limitations.
  3. Fixed a bug with glowing

    1.4.1 update:

    Fixed a bug where if players disconnected using the glowing option in LC, they would still have the glowing effect when they joined back. Also fixed it for if they used /gamemode commands while in LC.
  4. Update v1.4.0

    Update v1.4.0
    + Added new "gamemode-flycheck" configuration option.
    This was added because some servers use other plugins which check if a player is flying when they swap gamemodes.
    + Added new modularity options in config.yml with their own placeholders and colored chat support (Make sure to add these options to your config file to keep it orderly)
    Supported placeholders:
    %player% - Displays the player's username (without tags/rank colors)
    %block% -...
  5. Fixed major bug, addition of new permission

    New patch v1.3.1:
    + Added new permission "limitedcreative.give" which can be given to players, those with this permission are able to run "/limitedcreative <Target>", and those with just "limitedcreative" can only give LC to themselves.
    - Fixed a major incident where if someone was in /gamemode creative and ran /limitedcreative, they would lose all of their inventory without being able to get it back.
  6. Minor update: New features + incident fix

    Update notes:

    New config option:
    Code (YAML):
    # This determines if a player in LC can damage entities or not
    : false

    + Added the ability to enable killing while in LC, this is off by default.
    - Fixed an incident where if you used another non-lc command (/gms, /gamemode survival, /gamemode adventure), you would lose your items.
    - Fixed a bug where you could not give other players LC through console, it now sends a message when it...
  7. Minor plugin rewrite, addition of blacklisted-breakables

    I recommend adding "blacklisted-breakables:" to the bottom of your config, else it'll be placed at the top of the config under the first comment and break the order of your current config.


    This update adds the ability to blacklist which blocks cannot be placed by players...
  8. Minor Patch

    Added bStats data tracking, Check out this link if curious on what is being tracked.
  9. Minor bug fix

    I discovered this bug immediately after posting my last update,

    Bug Fixed:
    /lc nightvision would give an error message when used.
  10. Implemented a fix

    Fully implemented protection against LC being removed while flying.