LimitPillagers - Fix Outpost Spawns and More! 3.0.1

Fix your 1.14 Pillager lag! Stop, Limit or Remove Pillagers!

  1. 3.0.0 - Massive Refactor

    • Built against 1.16.5.
    • Refactored the entire plugin.
    • Removed some unneeded stuff.
    • Better instance naming.
    • Added version helper.
    • Added hex color support, format: <#RRGGBB>
    • Changed common into a string helper with a bunch of better methods. while also changing how the plugin sends messages.
    • Use a single method call for multiple lines of messages.
    • Better and more accurate enable/disable time message using nanoseconds displaying it in X.XXms
    • Updated Metrics.
    • Changed some method names.
    • A small performance improvement on the command execution.
    • Added event priority and ignore cancelled to all listeners, being highest.
    • Improved the remover to not use a new runnable/task on each chunk load.
    • Better registration of the commands and listeners.
    • and much more.
    No config changes.
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