LimitPillagers - Fix Outpost Spawns and More! 3.0.1

Fix your 1.14 Pillager lag! Stop, Limit or Remove Pillagers!

  1. 3.0.1

    • Updated Metrics/bStats.
    No config changes.
  2. 3.0.0 - Massive Refactor

    • Built against 1.16.5.
    • Refactored the entire plugin.
    • Removed some unneeded stuff.
    • Better instance naming.
    • Added version helper.
    • Added hex color support, format: <#RRGGBB>
    • Changed common into a string helper with a bunch of better methods. while also changing how the plugin sends messages.
    • Use a single method call for multiple lines of messages.
    • Better and more accurate enable/disable time message using nanoseconds displaying it in X.XXms
    • Updated Metrics....
  3. 2.14.0

    • Added command autocompletion.
    No config changes.
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  4. 2.13.0

    • Built against 1.16.
    • Updated bStats to use the new ID system.
    • Removed a stupid try/catch.
    • Increased the default stop-at-amount due to performance patches since then.
    • Added a note for 1.15+ in the config comment.
    • Moved some startup ordering around, like metrics not first.
    • Remade the update checker completely and not do the connection sync and block main thread...
    • Changed the instance to a singleton.
    • Added "remove" to the default message of commands.
  5. 2.12.0

    - Added config setting to remove the big startup messages
    - Added config comment to say that patrol remover is now in the latest paper

    Regen config or just add the below under update-checker

    Code (YAML):
    # Disable the big wall of text on startup? (Not the enabling messages, just the advice ones)
    : false
  6. 2.11.0

    - Added ignore raiders setting to the stopper and limiter, requested by @Varijon

    Regen your config
  7. 2.10.0

    - Added a stopper hard limit
    (This means if you enable the hard limit and set the amount to 5 for example it will stop any and all future pillager spawns if there are 5 or more pillagers in the worlds
    - Added /limitpillagers remove
    (Will simply kill all loaded pillagers in all worlds)

    Regen your config!
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  8. 2.9.0

    - Added /limitpillagers count
    to show how many pillagers are alive in your server!

    If you update, re-gen your config but you obviously can stay on 2.8 just fine.
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  9. 2.8.0

    - Built against most recent Spigot
    - Fixed Patrol listener not being registered and made it actually work (sorry)
    - Added a new setting for the patrol listener to only remove the patrol mob's target (stops lag) but lets them spawn to fight players. Check the video below for information on this feature.

    - Fixed reload command working with stuff like /limitpillagers reload(Anythinghere)

    Thanks to @josephrooks for letting me know about the...
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  10. 2.7.0 - Patrol Remover

    - Built against most recent Spigot
    - Added a Patrol Remover setting! (This will obviously remove all patrols from spawning)

    Note: Patrol Remover will NOT work in PaperMC right now due to them needing to do an upstream update. Just wait till Paper updates. Along with this please update your Spigot version to make this you have the new Patrol API

    Note: Paper has updated!

    Regen your config or add
    Code (Text):

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