Limits 1.1.5

You want to limit some blocks in your region, plot or island for players? Now you can!

  1. NIK220V
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12

    Have you ever wanted to limit block placement?
    Did you want that your players can place only 1 beacon in their..
    This is possible now!

    • Limit blocks per regions (WorldGuard)
    • Limit blocks per islands (ASkyBlock, AcidIsland)
    • Limit blocks per plots (PlotSquared, PlotMe)
    • Limit blocks per worlds
    • Limit blocks per player permission groups
    • Have multiple limits for the same block with different data (durability)
    • Might even work on the modded servers! You'll be able to limit your mechanisms.
    • Counts WorldEdit actions as a normal block break/place - will count them too!
    Default configuration below.
    Code (Text):

    # And here the configuration begins.
    PluginEnabled: true
    # I'm pretty sure you don't want this thing to be enabled. Default: false
    debug: false
    # Plugin language. You can use your own by creating another file. Default: en
    lang: en
    # Plugin hook section
        # Should niLimits also hook into PlotSquared if detected? Default: true
        PlotSquared: true
        # Should niLimits also hook into PlotMe if detected? Default: true
        PlotMe: true
        # Should niLimits also hook into ASkyBlock if detected? Default: true
        ASkyBlock: true
        # Should niLimits also hook into AcidIsland if detected? Default: true
        AcidIsland: true
    # Should plugin try to cancel WorldEdit actions that go over the limit? May be laggy. VERY LAGGY. Default: false
    TryCancelWorldEditActions: false
    # Advanced block breaking check. Not required for vanilla, required for modded servers with wrenches. Default: false
    AdvancedBreakCheck: false
    # List of item names, which plugin will check with it's advanced alghorythm. (If item has these words in it's material name) Default: ['WRENCH','TOOL']
        - 'WRENCH'
        - 'TOOL'
    # Limits section.
        # Technical, section name. Value is not important, but avoid same names.
            # Block Material name to count.
            NAME: 'BEDROCK'
            # Block data/durability. For example, LOG:1 data would be 1. Set to -1 for counting all blocks with the same name. For example: LOG.
            DATA: -1
            # Worlds plugin is going to count this block in. Use 'all' for all worlds.
                - 'all'
                # Limits for permission groups. Requires Vault for groups, otherwise will always use default value.
                default: 5
                vip: 50
    # Block Material names to count. If you set limit at the section above, but didn't set it below, it wont work. Automatically updates when adding limits via command.
    - 'BEDROCK'


    Code (Text):
    There is also a custom  permission for each limited item.
    For Example:

    If you want to give someone permission to override limits for SPONGE with DATA 1 (Wet sponge),
    it will be 'nilimits.override.SPONGE:1' because of its name SPONGE and DATA 1.

            description: Allows the player to add counted items.
            default: OP
            description: Allows the player to view counted items.
            default: true
            description: Allows the player to view region limits.
            default: true
            description: Allows the player to override plugin limits.
            default: OP
            description: Allows the player to reload the plugin.
            default: OP
    Adding block in the hand to a config with a command.

    That's how your chat looks after placing some limited items in the region.

    And that's how chat looks after breaking them.

    And that's what happens if you exceed block limit.

    But with permission nilimits.override.* you can override limits, as an admin.

    See limited blocks with /nl view command.

    Uou can use command /nl info inside a region-typed area (island, plot, region etc.) to see GUI like this:

    Also you can use Blaze Rod to see limit info of the block clicked.
    For example, if you click bedrock in a Island area it will show you this:
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    It doesn't work. It seems that the author has given up.
    It doesn't work. It seems that the author has given up.
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    Does not work with PlotSquared and the limit amounts are all messed up. Developer is also inactive.
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    Glitch where you can SPAM click a LIMITED item on an ASkyBlock island and it counts as their limiter. Although the blocks don't place, it glitches out and maximises their limiter. EXAMPLE: you can make an island go from 0/100 hoppers to 100/100 hoppers by spamming it on their island and not even being on their island.
    1. NIK220V
      Author's Response
      Already fixed this, please don't leave any negative feedback without contacting me.
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