LinkItUp 2.1

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  1. Wild1145
    Wild1145, WickedGamingUK
    LinkItUp is a brand new plugin based off of the idea of a previous plugin that I was working on. LinkItUp now provides you with the ability to set up your server with any commands and have a message display as a result.

    The plugin is designed to be very easy and light weight and is currently made up of only a few Java files. The configuration file is the only place you will need to look at to make your configuration changes, and will allow total control over what you can and cannot do with your server.

    Currently this is only supported through "In Chat" messages, we do however hope that over time we will be able to add support in the action bar, through BarAPI and many other places that you may find of use, and expand this plugin to cover everything you need.

    If you have any questions or support requests please leave us a message and we will try to help where we can!


    We will aim to keep this as a 100% free plugin, all the time. However if you want to help us out, buy us an energy drink, a coffee or anything that will keep us awake through the long nights working on this and our other plugins, please donate here:


Recent Updates

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