Linkr 1.2

Shorten urls from within minecraft

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    This resource will not work, as the API behind it is being rewritten and redirects elsewhere currently.


    Linkr is a simple url shortener with a useful API for developers.
    This is a bukkit implementation of that api!

    /shorten <url> [custom short] - Aliases: url, addurl, short, tiny, makeurl, maketiny, addtiny, linkr
    - Use that command to shorten urls. If you don't include a custom short one will be generated by the api.
    Furthermore if your short is longer than 10 characters it will be shortened to 10 by the api.
    You can edit the size of the random short in the config
    Permission node: linkr.shorten

    To use this plugin you need an api key which is very easy to obtain. Just click the following link for more information:

    Source Code:
    Extra Info:
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