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The best reliable, worth and useful anticheat in the story.

  1. zLex__
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    Languages Supported:
    All languages
    LionGuard Minecraft AntiCheat

    ✦ Welcome guys to the LionGuard anticheat, a free, worth and reliable anticheat. This is an anticheat that is not like others that want to demonstrate that they exist on the SpigotMC site. I want to offer the best cheat protection for your server without problems. Obiviously, you can always meet some false flags, but this is because every anticheat is not perfect as you think, and so it needs to be improved with the help of the Spigot community.

    ✦ Remember that this anticheat is not complete for now, so it can have bugs, problems or some false flags for its checks.

    GitHub Issue Tracker

    ✦ Here is the GitHub link to report issues of the plugin:

    Advanced Detections

    Yeah, this anticheat is offering advanced detections than other old or new anticheats. We want to patch every bypass that is coming here to bypass our anticheat. And so... let's check about these detections:

    ► Flight
    ► SkinDerp
    ► Abilities
    ► Glide
    ► FastLadder
    ► FastPlace
    ► Liquids
    ► AirInteract
    ► Speed
    ► BadPackets
    ► InvalidRots
    ► NoFall
    ► Killaura
    ► FastClicks
    ► NoSwing
    ► Inventory
    ► Reach
    ► IllegalChat
    ► Spammer
    ► SelfInteract
    ► Vape
    ► WorldDownloader
    ► Scaffold
    ► Sprint
    ► Step
    ► HighJump
    ► VClip
    ► NoSlowdown
    & more in the future!

    And remember again that I need to add more checks, this is the start of the new era of a new anticheat :3


    Blocks are not like detections that are used to detect something that the player is might using, but blocks are something that are used to block something like ESPs or health. In this case, in LionGuard we have these blocks:

    ► Entity block
    ► Health block
    ► Coordinates block
    ► Ore block
    ► Chest block
    ► Player block
    & more in the future!

    Machine Learning

    LionGuard offers better checks using Machine Learning. Initially, what is machine learning? Machine learning is a technique used by anticheats to detect things in the passed time, storing data about specific things that the player is doing, comparing them and check if the player is doing something correct. This can be applied for different things, like speed movements or head rotation patterns. Here are the actually Machine Learning implemented checks:

    ► Speed movements
    & more in the future!

    Version support

    I do not think that it is supported, but probably versions > 1.9 can not work with this anticheat, so please report bugs in the comments about false positives and version supporting.

    Donations and anticheat progress

    I am offering to you this free anticheat, but I need support to improve the anticheat with donations and positive support with your reviews.

    I'll stop the anticheat if there is no support and donations, of course.

    Thanks for:

    50+ downloads! (14/05/2019)
    100+ downloads! (21/05/2019)

    Discord support

    You can freely contact me on Discord for having support or asking something: Matteo Salvini#1068

    You can join in the Discord server of this anticheat:

    Other plugins

    Remember absolutely to have ProtocolLib installed on your server (you need the 4.4.0 version or the anticheat will not absolutely work) to have the anticheat working.

    Have fun with it!

Recent Updates

  1. Better BadPackets check, new checks & fixes
  2. New checks, fixes & Machine Learning
  3. Lots of fixes & removing

Recent Reviews

  1. coolpvpv
    Version: 6.0
    Good anticheat after all the flags flags and bypasses fixed I would recommend it for hcf kitmap or practice servers and if there’s any bypasses or falses you find just report them to the GitHub and they usually get fixed in a week and the guy below me with the 1 star review is retarded it was only the third version of this you can’t expect the third version of a anticheat to have no bypasses or false how do you think nocheatplus or aac started out lmao
  2. ImSouls_
    Version: 4.1
    Plugin evidentemente poco selfcoded, però in fin dei conti tutti iniziano da qualche parte.
    Just a little bit of false positives, try to fix them (by yourself).
    1. zLex__
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review!
  3. Lampadina_17
    Version: 4.1
    Don't install this shit on your server!

    Anticheat completely skidded badly
    flag from legit with no sense
    the author among other things is an incompetent presumptuous contradictory

    17 flags reported in the first days of publication is fucking serious. besides to flag from legit, the clients bypass it so op

    and remember! zLex is an incapable skidder who cannot accept the real truth
    1. zLex__
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review!
      1) I do not know who are you and I do not know why you are saying completely false things about myself.
      2) You cannot say that the anticheat is skidded because you can't even demonstrate that it is skidded, lol.
      3) 17 flags reported in the first day -> obv, how do you think that NCP and AAC started? With the help of the God? I do not think that. Please, remember that every anticheat cannot be perfect the first day.
      4) You can't oblige people do not install this "shit" (as you define that) on their server. People do whatever you want and you mustn't do that.
      5) Stop insulting me in your reviews, thanks.
  4. bloodlyon
    Version: 2.0
    This plugin is very nice !
    1. zLex__
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot for your review!