Listeners3 (REWORKED, Chat Format, CUSTOMIZABLE) 1.3

A very basic listeners for join, quit and some unchangable random death messages.

  1. Yasuo_exe
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    NOTE: I decided to end support for Listeners3, I am going to make a better version of the plugin called "BetterServer".


    A plugin that allows you to change Join, Quit messages and also a chat format in the config! This is a basic-side listeners plugin.

    This plugin also contains unchangeable death messages (I might make it an enabled and disabled feature!).

    You can also change messages that get sent to only the joined player or disable them entirely in the config!


    /listeners3 authors - All the people who contributed to the listeners plugin.
    /listeners3 reload - Allows you to easily reload the config.yml file.
    /listeners3 version - Tells you the current version of the plugin that is in your server!
    /listeners3 description - Tells you the plugins description


    listeners.reload - allows you to reload the config file using /listeners reload


    Got any ideas? Post a review and tell me your idea and I'll try to add it!

Recent Updates

  1. Added more listeners.
  2. Fixed Spigot Updater.
  3. Added spigot updater.