Lite Sign In [1.7-1.17] | Sign-in rewards | Chest GUI | MySQL & SQLite | Customizable 1.5.5

Record each player's sign-in and give them rewards, This process will become interesting!

  1. Updated to 1.5.5

    1.5.5 Update log:
    • Added "GUI-Settings" option in Config.yml file, use to edit about sign-in GUI's parameter.
    • Added "Limit-Date" option in Config.yml file, use to limit the player's views on the before date menu.
    Code (YAML):
    #About GUI settings
       #Whether use chest GUI to display sign-in menu.
        #If true, you can use command /signin gui to open sign-in menu....
  2. Updated to 1.5.4

    1.5.4 Update log:
    • Fixed a bug about incorrect placeholders in the retroactive cards command.
    • Fixed some minor bugs.
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  3. Updated to 1.5.3

    1.5.3 Update log:
    • Added enchant detection, when the item's enchanting setting parameters are wrong, it will be reported to the console.
    • Fixed command help lacks help on retroactive card.
    • Fixed some minor bugs.
    • Optimized plugin.
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  4. Updated to 1.5.2

    1.5.2 Update log:
    • Fixed a bug that may cause a freeze or even a crash when the GUI gets the head.
    • Optimized the TAB complete.
    • Fixed some minor bugs.
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  5. Updated to 1.5.1

    1.5.1 Update log:
    • Added automatic sign-in function. (Edit in the Join-Event option of Config.yml)
    • Fixed the bug that the month and year in the calendar menu were incorrectly displayed.
    • Fixed some minor bugs.
    • Optimized plugin. (330kb -> 323kb)
  6. Updated to 1.5.0-Optimized-2

    1.5.0-Optimized Update log:
    This is a repaired and optimized version
    Main update content:
    1. Code compression 360kb -> 320kb.
    2. Fixed a bug that caused the player to accidentally obtain the OP permission when a failure occurred during the execution of the OP reward command.
    3. [COLOR=rgb(255, 0,...[/LIST]
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  7. Updated to 1.5.0

    1.5.0 Updated log:
    • Added new function "Wood sign scripts", you can set a sign to sign in when you click it. (Maybe you can also use this function to do other things :D)
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  8. Updated to 1.4.4

    1.4.4 Update log:
    • Added "Head-Owner" settings in GUI options for display the Head containing the skin in the GUI.
    Code (YAML):
    : '{player}'
    : '&6About more...'
    : false
                   - ''
                    - '&fyou have signed in...
  9. Updated to

    TRCRedstoner Update log:
    • Fixed the bug that the RewardSettings.yml file failed when loading the default configuration file.
  10. Updated to 1.4.3

    1.4.3 Update log:
    • Added new languages: 日本語 and 繁體中文
    • Fixed the bug that "null" is automatically filled in the CustomItems.yml file.
    • Fixed the problem of incorrect translation in some language files.
    • Fixed some minor bugs....