Lite Sign In [1.7-1.19] | Sign-in rewards | Chest GUI | Leaderboard | MySQL & SQLite 1.6.3

Record each player's sign-in and give them rewards, This process will become interesting!

  1. Updated to 1.5.0-Optimized-2

    1.5.0-Optimized Update log:
    This is a repaired and optimized version
    Main update content:
    1. Code compression 360kb -> 320kb.
    2. Fixed a bug that caused the player to accidentally obtain the OP permission when a failure occurred during the execution of the OP reward command.
    3. Fixed the bug that the buttons in the GUI displayed incorrectly.
    4. All placeholder variables do not need to strictly follow the capitalization rules to be recognized.
    5. Rewrite the entire language system (
    6. Fixed some minor bugs.
    7. And more...
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