Lite Sign In [1.7-1.19] | Sign-in rewards | Chest GUI | Leaderboard | MySQL & SQLite 1.6.3

Record each player's sign-in and give them rewards, This process will become interesting!

  1. Updated to 1.2.0

    Added Features:
    • Added backup function, you can use the command to back up all current data, or you can set it to automatically back up when the server is turned off.
    • Added rollback function, need to be used together with the backup function, you can roll back all the current data to the backup file.
    • Added "Reward-Task-Sequence" setting on Config.yml, you can set the task...
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  2. Updated to 1.2.0-SNAPSHOT-2

    Added Features:
    • Added Sign-in LeaderBoard command. Use /signin leaderboard To view sign-in leaderboard.
    • Added %litesignin_group% as PlaceholderAPI's placeholder, Return the specified player's group.
    • Starting from this version, the'Key' option in the SignIn GUI can be used to customize the Messages and execution commands sent when clicked, just like a custom button.(Like this)
    Code (YAML):
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  3. Updated to 1.2.0-SNAPSHOT-1

    New Features:
    • Added SQLite Storage mode. (I believe you will like it, this is a nice feature;))
    Fixed Bugs:
    • Fixed an issue where the placeholder "{prefix}" did not work in the menu click event.
    • Fixed an issue where PlaceholderAPI did not work.
    • Removed all remaining console debug message prompts.
    • Fixed some minor...
  4. Updated to 1.1.2

    Fixed Bugs:
    • Fixed an issue where players could repeatedly receive special ranking rewards by signing in with a retroactive card.
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  5. Updated to 1.1.1

    Fixed Bugs:
    • Fixed some issues with join messages
    • Fixed some other issues related to Messages.yml
    If you want to block a list of prompt messages from Messages.yml, you can change it to "[]", for example: Message: 'This is a message' to Message: []
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  6. Updated to 1.1.0

    Added features:
    • Added "Special-Time-periods" reward method, When a player signs in within a certain time period today, he will receive a special reward.
    • Added "Special-Ranking" reward method, When the player gets a new ranking, they will get the designated reward.
    • Starting from this version, Messages.yml will support the use of multi-line messages....
  7. Updated to 1.0.1


    We found very serious bugs in version 1.0.0, and those serious bugs were fixed in version 1.0.1! Please update to version 1.0.1 as soon as possible, otherwise it may cause some unnecessary losses!

    We recommend that you delete Messages.yml and wait for its file to be created again. Or wait for the release of version 1.1.0.