LiteBans Material Design Theme (Multiple Themes Included) 3.2

A more relaxing feel for your Litebans UI with over 5 options for players to choose from!

  1. TheGuildsPlugin
    Are you tired of the default Litebans Web User Interface?

    Well, then this will be perfect for you. Welcome to Litebans Theme Galore. Litebans Material Design comes with something called a "theme changer" which allows your users to choose what your Litebans website looks like while they browse the information on there.

    This is not the final product. This resource is in production. Use as you wish but please know that there will always be more changes.

    (The theme changer is disabled by default, enable it in the settings).

    Need help?


    Litebans Version 2.2.5+ - Litebans Material Design 2.7+

    If you are below Litebans Version 2.2.5, please use Litebans Material Design 2.6 or below.

    Core Features:
    - Custom Theme Changer
    - Configurable SEO (Meta) Tags
    - Social Media Icons
    - Contact Us / Ban Appeal Buttons
    - Live Player Count Widget (No page refreshing needed)
    - Copy to clipboard & Tooltips
    - XenForo iframe integration
    - Toggleable Navigation Bar
    - Font Awesome!


    How do I change the Player Count to check my server's IP?

    Changing the Player Count checker to your server's IP is very simple, if you go to "inc/settings.php", just look for the following line:
    Replace with your server's IP!

    All button links for contact, appeal, and ALL icon links are also in settings.php:

    Next, you can change the words on the buttons by going to your language files and looking for this:

    How can I change the default theme?
    Doing this is very simple.

    Look in your header.php for this code:
    Simply change the "mdb-teal" in both cases to one of the other templates such as "mdb-usa".


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    Version: 3.1
    Looks great and easy to install! Great choice of themes. The support is also fast and helpful.
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    Version: 3.0

    - Amazing good job!
    - You could add in social Discord

    1. TheGuildsPlugin
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    Version: 2.9
    Amazing !! Good work.
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    Version: 2.9
    Top notch interface and support, couldn't ask for a better experience. If you have any issues contact Glare on discord!
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    Version: 2.9
    Excellent development, the support is the best I've seen

    Recommended 100%

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    Version: 2.8 - FIXED
    Glare has been helping with every single one of my questions within 10 minutes, great support for what I needed help with and overall a A+ resource!
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    Version: 2.8 - FIXED
    Best free Web interface.

    Professional look to it.

    Owner of Cover Network
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    Version: 2.4
    Rarely run into issues with the plugin. Dev is A+ when it comes to help. The local community also likes to join in the fun of helping others.
    iCourt, maybe try joining the Discord? I'm sure the issues you may have could be resolved?
  9. iCourt
    Version: 2.4
    I'm having some issues with changing the links, but overall, it's great! Never had any other issues!
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    Version: 2.1
    An amazing and simple resource with a dev that helped me when i needed it very responsive!