LiteBans Material Design Theme (Multiple Themes Included) 3.2

A more relaxing feel for your Litebans UI with over 5 options for players to choose from!

  1. Hotfix for viewing all punishments of players!


    This update is just a simple fix for users getting an error when clicking on a player's name to see all their history.

  2. Font Awesome 5! Easier Configuration!

    Hey guys,

    Today I'm bringing you 3.1 of the Litebans-MD Addon.

    If you are upgrading from a previous version, it's HIGHLY suggested you replace ALL files.

    This update brings some awesome new stuff!

    First off, Font Awesome 5! Yes!

    Also, yes, that is correct, you are not dreaming. You are seeing a Discord icon now.

    This update replaces the old Google+ (no one uses that anymore) with the brand new Discord icon!

    Super simple in the...
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  3. Bug Fixes!

    Good Afternoon,

    This update just fixes some issues with people not being able to change languages correctly.

  4. Snow Snow Snow! Happy Holidays!

    Good Evening,

    I'm proud to present to you tonight the Litebans Web UI Christmas Update!


    This update is to add in some new changes, fixes, and other things!

    For this update to work properly, please replace all CSS files, the header.php and the settings.php!

    From my family to yours, wishing you a happy holidays,
  5. This is just an emergency update for 2.8

    If you already downloaded 2.8, please use this version instead. I forgot to change how one of the language files worked and that made the whole thing not work.

    My apologies!
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  6. Bug Fixes!

    This update brings in Ruan's (Litebans Developer) rewrite of how language files work. You can now also see what server a person was banned on!

    Christmas theme coming in 2.9!

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  7. Support for Litebans 2.2.5

    This update is just a configuration update to support the latest version of Litebans (2.2.5) that came out this morning. You will need this update in order to properly use the Litebans Web UI if you are using Litebans 2.2.5

    If you are not on the latest version of Litebans, please stay on 2.6 or below.
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  8. Are you thankful? Because I am!!

    Good Evening,

    It's here! The Thanksgiving Update! Are you thankful? I sure am!!


    I'm happy to present to you the Thanksgiving Litebans Theme!

    Other changes this update:
    - Added a version checker (enabled / disabled in settings)
    - Added new languages to all the files
    - Moved social icons to the index.php (still toggleable in settings)
    - Revamped the error pages
    - Code cleanup
    - Bug fixes and improvements
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  9. The missing Halloween Update? Bug FIxes!

    I'd like to apologize for not getting this update out sooner!

    If you feel like you don't want Halloween to end, well, not it isn't over! This update brings a Halloween theme!


    This update also fixes the "Player Count" number not showing since the API recently changed. No changes in the settings are needed, just replace the files!

    More update coming ASAP for Thanksgiving and new features!
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  10. Whelp, someone wanted a request added ASAP.

    Hi again,

    I know we just talked an hour ago.

    Anyways, someone just asked me for a way to implement into XenForo, so I thought I'd do that.

    This update will include a few variations that you can choose from.

    First up,

    Don't want to show a dual navigation bar when doing an iFrame or whatever from XenForo? You can toggle the navbar in the settings!



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