Litebans Material UI 4.5

The best Litebans Web GUI you can use with over 8 new features.

  1. Fixed API


    It seems the old server status API that displayed the number of players online does not work anymore.

    This update fixes that by switching to a new API.

  2. Fixed Player Count

    Hey guys,

    long time no talk. Been busy with classes. The current API to get the playercount went down so I updated to a new working one.

  3. Changes and Improvements!

    Long time no talk,

    This update just provides some changes that are from myself and also Ruan that will make queries go faster when trying to load data!

  4. File Cleanup. New Feature

    Hey Guys,

    This update is just to prepare for a massive code cleanup that's on the way and will greatly improve the overall efficiency of the UI! I've added the date column to the warning table too.

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  5. Code Cleanup. Bug Fixes.

    Hey guys, simple little UI and settings tweaks for you guys today:

    • The logo image you choose will now automatically be responsive based on what kind of device you are using on the site
    • For the "warnings" page, the icons for received warning will now show again
    • Fixed the option to show the credits or not
    Hope you enjoy!
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  6. Full Rewrite!

    Good Evening,

    I'm very excited to announce tonight the rewrite of Litebans Material UI. The biggest change of this is that it's written in Bootstrap 4 vs Bootstrap 3. There are a few things that I haven't reimplemented yet such as the player count in the navbar, that will be coming soon. I've also removed some themes until I can redesign them in Bootstrap 4. ALL FILES MUST BE REPLACED IF YOU ARE UPDATING FROM AN OLDER VERSION.

    This update is just too big to...
  7. Bug Fixes! New Options!

    Changes for this update:
    • Refactored the language system
    • Added labels for IP Ban and IP Mute
    • CSS changes
    • Keep expired rows on the info page
    • Added no select to avatar line-break
    • Changed the default theme back to wilk
    • Added ability to show and hide the credits in the settings.php
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  8. New features! More configuration!

    Hey guys,

    • You can now choose to display the player count in the navigation bar instead of on the page itself, or you could do both!
    • Users can now enable and disable the contact and appeal buttons in the settings page
    • The error pertaining to live playerheads will now just display as "You do not have query enabled in your spigot.yml


  9. Important Bug Fixes!

    Hey there,

    this is just a quick update to fix some bugs! Thanks @Ruan for being such an awesome developer of Litebans and allowing me to make this for you guys.

    Fixes / Changes
    • Cleaned up some stuff in the settings.php and added more documentation
    • Changed avatar sources from $UUID/$NAME to {uuid}/{name}
    • Fixed avatar source bugs
    • Added server origin to punishment info pages
    • Allowed the ability to disable server scope in the info page
  10. Support offline-mode

    Hey guys,

    This update is some changes from Ruan. Apparently Crafatar no longer supports names for offline-mode so it's been changed to use non-dashed UUIDs.

    Hope you enjoy!
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