LittleBits-Bukkit v1.1

Access LittleBits from your minecraft server

  1. R4zorax
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10
    Coding Pirates CUDiM
    See for details.

    Bukkit server-side plugin for integrating with littleBits.

    Just drop the LittleBits-Bukkit.jar in the plugins folder of your Bukkit compatible minecraft server, and restart the server.

    Before configuring the LittleBits-Bukkit plugin, you need to find the TOKEN of your littleBits CloudBit account. The littleBits have a page describing this process here:

    Once you have that token, you can either use the in-game command:

    Code (Text):
    /littlebits account add TOKEN
    Where you simply copy-paste the 64-character token in place of the TOKEN above, or you can manually add the following section to your plugins/LittleBits-Bukkit/devices.yml file:

    Code (Text):
        label: My Account
    and then do a /littlebits reload (not needed when adding it using the in-game command above).

    To test whether the connection to the bitCloud went as planned, invoke the /bits acc list command. If the output is something along the lines of:

    Code (Text):
    All accounts:
      Account: My Account
        - device1 (My Account:00e04c52b9a2, in=0, out=0, connected)
    Your are all set to continue.

    The plugin adds a recipe to manually create a littleBits block, using a diamond, an emerald and a repeater. Place the two gems on either side of the comparator, and you will get an enchanted Repeater named littleBits.

    This item can also be obtained by invoking:

    Code (Text):
    /littlebits block give [playername]
    When this block is placed in the world, it will be unassigned per default. Right-clicking the block will cycle through all the devices registered in the plugin.

    Once a device has been associated to a block, that block will start outputting what-ever input the littleBits device in the real-world is receiving.

    If a redstone signal (using redstone wire) is directed into the back-side of the littleBits block in minecraft, the littleBitsdevice in the real-world will be instructed to output a signal accordingly.

    Note: I/O from the devices in the real-world is from 0-100, where as the redstone signals in the minecraft world is from 0-15.

    • Support changing label of devices (requires admin role in OAuth against
    • Support registering devices (requires admin scope).
    • Support custom recipe for LittleBits device (move recipe to config.yml)
    • Support more detailed debugging (i.e. raw-cloud-api feedback).
    • Support more languages (i18n) - esp. Danish
    • More minified jar-file (we include too much of apache httpcomponents atm).
    This is licensed under Apache License v2.0

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Recent Reviews

  1. WildPitcher
    Version: v1.1
    Awesome plugin. Was what I was looking for 4 a while :) Love all the features. Its really cool how I can connect my cloudbit to my server! Thx 4 making this plugin :)
  2. brooky1010
    Version: 1.0
    Really good! Very good for people who love littlebits and stuff. Thanks for making and creating this plugin!
    1. R4zorax
      Author's Response
      You're welcome m8. I will try to get some documentation (and new version, that doesn't require Java 8) out soon.