LittleThings ~ (for 1.7.x - 1.16.x) 1.3.1

A collection of configurable and toggleable changes to events, such as arms on armour stands!

  1. lokka30
    LittleThings allows server owners to change certain events, such as adding arms to armor stands, disabling blocks being destroyed by explosions, and much more!
    For all it does, LittleThings is very lightweight and doesn't run any other garbage that you didn't configure it to.
    No dependencies are required to run LittleThings. Plug and play!


    • Very lightweight, no stupid things enabled in the background that you don't want. The resource just does what you ask it to do.
    • Toggles for all events, enable the ones you want on and disable the ones you don't want.
    • Per-world and per-entity lists with whitelist and blacklist support for all applicable events.
    • Modify armor stands:
      • Toggle if they spawn with arms.
      • Toggle if they spawn with a base plate.
    • Stop explosions from damaging blocks (not entities).
    • Stop fire from spreading (not starting).
    • Stop leaves from decaying.
    • Remove AI from mobs, especially useful for useless entities such as squids and fish which don't really need an AI -- increases server performance
    • Stop daylight combustion -- mobs like zombies and skeletons burning in the sunlight
    • Stop piglins from converting into zombified piglins in the overworld.
    • Stop blocks from having gravity (such as sand and gravel)
    • Stop portals from teleporting players


    I only provide technical support on the ArcanePlugins Discord Server.
    Please ensure that you have read the documentation before asking for help.
    I would also like to note that technical support for my free resources are quite basic: I won't configure it for you, I won't join the server to help out, and other things alike. However, I am here to fix bugs and answer questions.

    Thanks to all the contributors for their work!
    • lokka30 - author and developer of the resource.
    • BtoBastian - for bStats

    • @Oathkeeper is brilliant - their plethora of great suggestions has improved this resource drastically, in addition to a high degree of both monetary and verbal support. Cheers Oath!

    For the generous lads out there that wish to donate - I've got a Patreon page (which gives Discord benefits) and also a PayPal page.

    I'm a senior high school student, so finding the time and money to develop these resources is not easy. Making plugins that other server owners and their users can enjoy is just a hobby, and it takes a considerable chunk out of my free time - it's just the nature of my high standards for every resource I post, free and premium.
    If you would be willing to support me in this endeavor (for it makes very little return to me), as little or as much as you want, it would really mean so much to me.
    If you are unable to donate, 5 star reviews and kind comments are enough to put a smile on my face and keep me motivated to do this.
    Any support from you will positively impact all of the server owners who are using my resources in whatever capacity.
    Thank you so much. :)

    Click here to view all of the collected metrics!
    Along with an enormous amount of plugins on this platform, I have opted to include bStats metrics inside this plugin. bStats anonymously ocllects basic statistics such as your server's version, your version of Java, online/offline mode, and the amount of players online. These statistics are used to benefit development and do not expose any private information. bStats metrics won't make any dent whatsoever on your performance or network usage.
    If you wish to disable them, head to the /plugins/bStats/ folder and edit the configuration in that folder.

    Licensed under GNU AGPL v3.0. Click here to view the license. By downloading and/or using the software, you agree to the license.

    I really appreciate feedback and criticism - it lets me know if the plugin is heading in the right direction.
    However, do not use the reviews section as means to get support. There's a discord server for that! :)
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Recent Updates

  1. v1.3.1
  2. LittleThings v1.3.0
  3. v1.2.6

Recent Reviews

  1. Oathkeeper
    Version: LittleThings v1.3.1
    Double whammy in a single day! I'm sure you're sick and tired of my username, five stars, and a choir of praise for the developers' work. I continue to encourage anyone to give these hardly noticed plugins from a devoted creator a chance and if you see something you like or want to suggest clearly the developer listens as 9/10 updates contain my own feature requests!
    1. lokka30
      Author's Response
      Haha!! The Oathkeeper review chain expands to 5. I highly appreciate your kindness. Live well :)
  2. Oathkeeper
    Version: 1.3.0
    Usual quality work from a developer who listens! Give them a shot; the code is clean and optimized, and virtually everything is configurable. The Discord is also a great place to stop by and make suggestions or bug reports as they're read and replied to fairly quickly!

    Just one of many examples of quality minimalistic plugins with plenty of strength to toss around without sucking up server resources.
    1. lokka30
      Author's Response
      What your review stated is exactly as I hoped when creating the resource, so I'm very glad that you're enjoying my work! :)

      You made it all too easy with fantastic communication, suggestions, and most notably, your support for my work.

      If you have anything else to chat about, please do feel free at any time to send it my way.

      Have a great day :)

      Best regards,
  3. Oathkeeper
    Version: 1.2.6
    Each new feature a pleasure to see, Lokka builds them daily and gives them for free. The latest update is all that asked, and after some testing I say IT PASSED!! Shouting from the bleachers, give it a shot if you like Lil-Features :D
    1. lokka30
      Author's Response
      Cheers :)
  4. Oathkeeper
    Version: 1.2.4
    An absolutely fantastic minimalist plugin with a highly responsive and dedicated developer! A player request on my server become a feature request for this plugin, and within two days, a forum post, and some bug testing it all came together painlessly! Cannot recommend enough the quality put into the developer's work, and would and could recommend virtually any plugin put forward. I personally use five different plugins from their prior and current work and have yet to find a conflict or flaw impacting the other ~75 plugins running on our server.
    1. lokka30
      Author's Response
      You beauty Oathkeeper - thank you very much, this is the kindest and most detailed review I have ever received. :)
  5. Oathkeeper
    Version: 1.0.1-ALPHA
    YAMB - Yet Another Micro Build :)
    It's hard to keep a server flush with features without over-bloating things; Lokka30 takes the time to crunch the necessary bits into tiny plugins with hardly any overhead. Will continue to support work like this!
    1. lokka30
      Author's Response
      Thank you once again for the kind review Oathkeeper - your support is much appreciated! :)