LiveChat 4.1

A complete chat suite for Bukkit

  1. kyle

    This plugin can optionally hook into Vault, Factions, and PlotMe.
    LiveChat provides an advanced chat system for your server, with many features and fully configurable options.
    • Public chat.
    • Private chat
    • Local chat.
    • PlotMe chat.
    • Reply private messages.
    • Emote.
    • Staff chat.
    • Admin chat.
    • Fully customizable chat format with many variables.
    • Factions support.
    • Support for color codes, chat formatting codes, and chat magic
    • Socialspy for private chat.
    • Ignore users.
    • Mute users.
    Wana try it out before you download it? Hop on my server and try it for yourself!

Recent Reviews

  1. dotdog20
    Version: 4.1
    Considering w/my setup it's the only channel-based chat that wroks, this is great :3
  2. kellinquinn4life
    Version: 4.1
    Pretty nice Kyle, I must say. Helps a lot when my factions players complain to me about "We need to plan in private" This is a life saver. It is surprisingly coming from a banned player :3