LiveKit 1.4.3

Real Time Live Map and Admin Tools

  1. xStachelbaer
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17

    What is LiveKit?
    LiveKit is an App (for Android & iOS), providing a new way to interact with your server. At the basis is a Real Time Live Map which provides the perfect overview for you and your players. Furthermore, LiveKit is providing an intuitive UI for administrators to interact with their server and players.

    How does it work?
    once the LiveKit plugin is configured, players can connect to your server via the App by providing the Server IP and LiveKit Port. The can identify themselfs by generating a pin with /livekit claim, and confirming their identity in the App. Actions taken from the app will respect the permissions of the player they identified as.

    Want to try it right now?
    LiveKit has partnered with to provide support and a way to demo LiveKit. Join our Discord now to get started!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Features for Admins:
    - World

    • Change Time
    • Change Weather
    - Players
    • Kick
    • Ban
    • Kill
    • Strike (Lightning)
    • Slap
    • Gamemode
    • Teleport
    • Give Items [NEW]
    • Open their Inventories [NEW]
    - Whitelist
    • Enable/Disable
    • Add/Remove Players
    - Points of Interest
    • Set global markers for everyone to see
    • Marker specific description
    • Optional teleportation
    - Console Access
    • Displays Console Output
    • Error/Warning highlighting
    • Execute Commands
    [more will come in future updates]

    Features for Players:
    - Real Time Live Map
    • Block changes are displayed as they happen
    • Players block in hand displayed
    • Player damage animated
    - Navigation (Compass)
    • Set Markers and Navigate with a Compass
    - Player Chat
    • Displays Server Chat
    • Players can chat from the App
    - Personal Pins
    • Players can set pins at locations they visited
    • Navigate to them via Compass
    [more will come in future updates]

    Getting Started
    To get Started, download the latest LiveKit version.
    - Move the LiveKit.jar to your plugins folder
    - Reload or Restart your server
    - Download the LiveKit App (click the App Store links above)
    - Open the app, click '+ Connect to Server'
    - Enter the Server IP in the 'host' field (do NOT append any port with :25565 or anything else)
    - The port field has a default value of 4123 (this is the LiveKit port. You can change this in the LiveKit config file)
    - Tap 'Join'

    Troubleshooting Connection Issues
    First make sure LiveKit is actually running (execute /livekit if you get a positive response)
    If you can't connect to your server (and you've checked you're entering the correct IP), you probably need to open the LiveKit port (default 4123). If your hosting on your home network, you need to configure your router for port forwarding (you should've done this already with :25565 so your friends can join). If your using a Minecraft Server Hoster, you need to check with your specific hoster how to open an additional port. Most server hosters support this.

    Next Steps
    Configure your border with /livekit <world> bounds <radius> [-r|-c]
    The Live Map is limited by a border. The default border is 1024 blocks in each direction. Configure your border with the command mentioned above. For more options check the commands section below

    Start a full render with /livekit <world> render full [-m|-f]
    If you want to discover the map yourself, skip this step! A full render will render the whole map inside your specified border. Depending on your border size, this can take a while!

    Setup LiveKit for your players
    Checkout the permissions below and enable selected features for your Community. Either use permissions configured by default in the LiveKit config file, or setup your own. You can choose to use Vault if your server supports it.

    in the config file you can choose to use Vault as a permission provider, or you can choose to use no permission provider at all. If the latter is the case, then you must specify the access permissions of the LiveKit client in the config (see the default setup). Otherwise, use your Vault supported Permission provider
    provides access to all admin related commands (commands listed below)

    provides necessary commands to join via LiveKit client (commands listed below)
    provides permission to see the live map
    lets users display Block Info when tapping on a specific block on the map

    provides permission to see players on the live map

    provides permission to see other players on the live map

    provides permission to see weather and time of current live map

    provides access to admin features
    provides server chat read permissions
    provides chat write from App permissions
    provides chat (Player) offline write from App permissions

    provides access to map pins

    let players set their own personal pins


    grants access to view console

    grants access to execute commands from console

    livekit.module.inventory [NEW]
    grants access to player inventories (REQUIRES ALSO livekit.module.admin PERMISSION)
    Expand for a full list of Permissions

    check if LiveKit is installed and working correctly. Displays basic info for users to connect to LiveKit (port, password needed, anonymous allowed, claim access). Also links to LiveKit on App stores
    /livekit claim
    generates a pin which is used to identify one self through the LiveKit App

    /livekit headrefresh [NEW]
    refreshes a players head skin (5 minute cooldown)


    /livekit pins
    lists players personal set pins and displays their IDs (used for deleting)


    /livekit setpin <name>

    sets a pin with given name at current players location


    /livekit removepin <ID>
    removes a pin with the specified ID


    /livekit info
    displays how if and how many active sessions and active clients (Apps) are connected as the person who issues the command


    /livekit map
    displays information about current livemap world and rendering status


    /livekit map cpu <percent>
    specifies how much time (in %) a chunk may use up for rendering. If you are doing a full rendering of the world, this can improve the rendering speed BUT, it will also cause server lag!


    /livekit <world>
    Displays Live Map info of specified world.


    /livekit <world> render full [-f|-m]
    example: /livekit world render full -m

    Starts a full render of specified world. -f forces already rendered tiles to render again, -m only renders missing tiles. Default is -f if none specified.

    /livekit <world> render <radius>
    Starts a rendering job of the specified radius. Radius given in blocks! Though this will render a square with the given radius. Used this if you feel like a local area has missing block updates!


    /livekit <world> render stop
    Stops current rendering job


    /livekit <world> bounds
    Check the current bounds of specified world


    /livekit <world> bounds <radius> [-r|-c]
    example: /livekit world bounds 512 -c

    Sets bounds of specified world to the radius. Radius given in blocks! -c sets a circular radius. -r a rectangular radius. Default is -r

    /livekit <world> bounds <left> <top> <right> <bottom>
    Sets bounds to given bounding box left (-x), top (-z), right (+x), bottom (+z). In blocks!


    /livekit headrefresh <player> [NEW]
    refreshes a players head skin (5 minute cooldown)

    [Expand for a full list of Commands

    Storage Types:
    - MYSQL
    - SQLITE (default)
    - JSON (only recommended for small servers, memory intensive!)

    Example (MySQL):
    Code (Text):

      type: MYSQL
        host: 'localhost'
        user: 'root'
        database: 'LiveKit'
        password: 'asdf23h12h'
    You can switch between the different storage types while keeping all of your data!
    In the config add the following:
    Code (Text):

    #Add the following migrate entry to your Config
    #This is the currently active storage you want to convert
      type: SQLITE
        host: 'NULL'
        user: 'NULL'
        database: 'NULL'
        password: 'NULL'

    #Change the storage type to your new preferred type
      type: MYSQL
        host: 'localhost'
        user: 'root'
        database: 'LiveKit'
        password: 'asdf23h12h'
    The next time you reload or start your server, LiveKit will convert the storage from migrate -> storage. After successful conversion, the migrate entry is removed. Backup your data before migrating! Storage migration will only happen, if the target storage is empty!

    DiscordSRV Chat
    Example config
    Code (Text):

        enabled: true
        - '859524672889552926'
    Make sure to quote '859....926'


    Join our Discord server. LiveKit is in early developement and I expect not everything to work perfectly. You can help by reporting bugs and errors and providing a detailed description about what happened. Thx! :)
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