LMEssentials 2.0

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  1. L0uMaster

    What did the LMEssentials do?
    The LMEssentials you of some commands you can use on your server.
    Spawn: It will take you where you Setou Spawn.
    Setspawn: Go to set your Spawn.
    Matilha: It will give you 5 tamed wolves.
    Bomba: It will make a big explosion.
    Heal: Will regenerate your life and your hunger.
    GM: It will allow you to switch Gamemode with GM.
    Nick: It will allow you to change the nickname.
    Kill: You'll kill yourself or kill another player.
    ID: Show the item id.
    Hide: Hide all players.
    Tpa: Teleport you to another player.
    And the best thing of the Update NOW THE PLUGIN ARE 100% IN ENGLISH!
    Other things:

    If you click the right button with a compass on hand will teleport you to where you are looking.

    When a player enters will see a message.

    Will not allow any person place a TNT.

    It will add color to chat with the symbol: & or §.

    Puts [Staffer] when a player enters.
    LMEssentials.setspawn: Allows the player to /setspawn.
    LMEssentials.Bomba: Allows the player to /bomba
    LMEssentials.gm: Allows the player to /gm
    LMEssentials.Compass: This will allow permission teleport with the compass.
    LMEssentials.Matilha: Allows the player to /Matilha
    LMEssentials.heal: Allows the player to /heal
    LMEssentials.nick: Allows the player to /nick
    LMEssentials.nick.outros: Allows the player to /nick (player)

    Found a bug or want me to add more commands?

    Skype: masion.server

    Twitter: @loumastervideos

    Canal: DL PLAY

    If you make a video plugin and give me the link I'ill put it here.

    Sorry for the bad english.

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