LMGTFY | send clickable lmgtfy and search engine links in chat 1.4.0

Adds a /lmgtfy and a /google command (+5 other search engines) for all these annoying questions...

  1. Remove link from chat + send link as plugin message with click event + cooldown option

    Version 1.4.0
    • For safety reasons the link is not displayed in chat anymore, but hidden inside a click event.
    • Additionally the message that sends the link to everyone is now clearly a plugin message and does not look like a player message anymore.
      • By default that message includes the issuing player name.
    • I added a cool down option for sending the link in chat.
      • Default: 30s
      • Bypass permission: lmgtfy.bypass
    • You can now...
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  2. Select your shortening service + reload command

    • The used link-shortening service is now configurable (special thanks to @CanMengLo ). Get a new configuration file to see the option.
      • There is a small list with tested services, but you can use any other service you find
    • There now is a reload command: /lmgtfyreload or /lmgreload
      • Reloads language and settings (shortening service etc.)
    • Fixed a possible problem...
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  3. New language file (chinese) + Updated comments

    • There is a default chinese language file now thanks to @AndyYu
    • I updated comments in the source and in the config/language files
  4. 5 new search engines + LMGTFY support for 4 of them!

    This update adds 5 new search engines as commands:
    • /baidu
    • /bing
    • /yahoo
    • /duckduckgo
      • Or /ddg
    • /yandex
    From this version on it is possible to create lmgtfy-links for other search engines then google! This version supports lmgtfy-searches with google, yahoo, bing and...
  5. Fix message mixup and improve default messages

    • The messages no_permission and no_query where switched
    • I removed unnecessary spaces from the default langauge files
  6. Add command /google | removed forgotten debug messages

    • I added the command /google <search> to create a direct link to google instead of a lmgtfy-link.
      • This link is shortened just like the lmgtfy-link
    • Removed forgotten debug messages
  7. Implemented link shortening by is.gd | Fix for Windows users

    Thanks @LoidSemus for reporting below Error and his input on GitHub :)

    • Error for Windows users on startup fixed
    • Added support for shortening the links via is.gd
    • Added german language file
    • More documentation in the config file ;)